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  • Hi Honey Just to let you know we have started a Young Nails Social group Please feel free to join us T
    hello seen you were from fife so thought id say hello were about in fife?? what a great set of nails you done on you first effort bet that seems ages away well hope you dont mind me emailing
    Hey Trish....
    Lovely to hear from you oh fabulous nail tech....congratulations and don't stress on your times....better to do a good job slowly than rush a bad job....
    All is well my end...I have hair and I am happy xxxxx :hug:
    I have met some fab. people here. We are not going to do the class before tomorrow, but I KNOW this will be great. I am SOOOOO excited, the people here are so fantastic! Hug C.
    Thats great! I hope all goes well for you hun. I have a pamper evening to do tonight at my local school doing spray tanning so heres hoping to gain some new clients as business is pretty slow right now xxxxxxx
    Ive been in the beauty industry for 2 years, im a spray tan technician and qualified in manicure and pedicure, i am taking my gel nails course end of this month.
    How long you been doing this and what u do hun?xxxxxx
    Congratulation with everything! It's wonderful to hear your excitement and I do understand all of it. :) Wished you lived closer to Aberdeen! Hug C.
    PS. I see you are located in Scotland. Where in Scotland are you? I am going to Aberdeen in Easter. My husband is going to work there for a week and my son and I will join him. :)
    It is not completely sure yet, but we will decide next week. Hug C.
    Wow, Trish, this is wonderful news! You have to calm down and have some confidence in yourself woman, you would never have gotten that job if you weren't good enough! How did the last test went on? I don't read much these days, as I am traveling like crazy right now...:), so I don't get any updates etc... Hug C.
    Way hay, I was thinking about you all day, I am sooooo chuffed for you. I hope you are celebrating xxxxxxx:hug: :green:
    thankyou for the comment!

    ive looked at your album, i dont think it will be too long til you have a queue of "real" clients! :D

    Great feeling isnt it. Wishing you all the best for the future hun..x
    I went to the Young nails need for speed Master class at Excel, really enjoyed it. Gave me a new insight on efiles as well. I keep toying with the idea of training for one...x
    Hi there Trish. Long time no see! How are you, doing any nails now? Hug C.
    Hi Trish!
    Thank you for my picture comment :) I am fine thanks, bit stressed (but whats new with me lol). Are you enjoying Young Nails? Did you train with Steve? Good Luck on Sunday and Good Luck with the new job. I still haven't found anywhere to work yet but I am getting on quite well with my driving lessons now, have to get my theory booked soon!! eek so scared! I decided not to bother with Barbering as I would have to fork out loads of money to avoid going back to college and I just cant afford to at the moment.
    What is your job title going to be? xxxxxxxx
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