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  • Of course you are doing something right, I am so made up for you.

    I will be at the Young nails stand in May, after I have competed:)eek:) and you can sell me loads hunny. xxxxxxxx
    Wow fantastic news hunny, I take it you are going to be working for Tracey.

    I am soooooo happy for you xxxxxxx:hug:
    Oh NO we knew that would happen never mind not long till a new set. we need to try to keep the skin and cuticles good for our wee Laura lol
    Hi Trish, thank you for the kind comments, much appreciated. You will learn so much onthis site, i have!! If I can be of any help just drop me a line xx
    I so didn’t do better than you, I will try to find the pic of my first ever acrylic nail. My tips used to be horrendous to start and my sculpt were pretty good but now I am more the other way around! If the ones on your daughter are as good as your ‘first nail’ then I think they would be very good. You can only get better!! If I lived near you I’d let you do my nails but then again my natural nails are awful so u probably wouldn’t want to lol!

    Thanks for the picture comment, I loved those nails but I just don’t have the patience to do anything fancy or sculpt anymore on my ’wrong’ hand so I stick tips on and overlay in clear lol

    Good luck with the next sessions and I hope you enjoy doing nails =)
    Hey Trish....I posted on your blog....
    All is as well as can be .... Kind of....
    I will update later....but thanks for thinking of me....and you take care....will come back soon to you with more info xxxx
    Aw, that's fantastic hun! Good luck with your nailcourse. You will love it! Hug C.
    thanks for all the picture comments hun,yes i did do those purple ones on myself,they took me ages.thanks again.x
    Hi ya huni, good news about your weight , well done !!
    I am afraid were all getting older :lol::lol::lol:

    I am good, i pop on here now and then, dont leave much or reply . Glad your well huni and thanks for leaving me a message :hug:

    Hiya Trish...
    Long time no 'speak' I agree!!! I am not here much anymore....but I had a spare minute to check things out today....All is well here....and I hope you are doing great too...
    See you soon love Jo xxxxxxx
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