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  • i trained with novalash.. not great training, but im doing ok with all the help on here.
    Just wanted to say I really love your make-up pictures. Do you mine can Iask what make-up brand you use
    Thanks Emma
    hi there, i found the course excellant. the 10 case studies were time consuming but were well worth it and the week space between classes is a great idea cause you can practice and if you have problems u can ask about them at each class. will definately be reccommending the course. its the first brand ive really felt comfortable with.
    hi there, i noticed that you do astonishing nails, just finished their training. ilove them. how do you find them??
    hi just to let you know Im having a class begining on the 1st of June, I need to have numbers confirmed by Monday so I can order kits etc. I got a 20 % discount on the kit.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Hey weej87! Have you tried Ameerah? I think the website is My friend bought one of their uniforms and I'm sure she's been wearing it for more than a year - still looks good! Average to high price but worth it in the long run. Susie
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