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  • Do you do bio sculpture. Really want to do the course, but the initial lay out scares me. I have no nail experience but would love to do this for work as it would fit around my daughter.
    hello just to let you know i did pink sculptured tips with a coloured acrylic powder and then used white paint with a thin brush and painted on a few flicks x
    Hi hun, thanks for your kind comments on the pink pic. :) It is bio S. did these about 18 months ago. they are the background of my profile page too.
    i am fine now thanks hun
    i had that sickness bug all week end so just feel drained now
    You've been holding that secret for a very long time now!! When you gonna share it with us?? lol xx
    Hi, thought I would just drop you a line to say hello as I could see you had been on my profile after a had been looking at yours. I was just looking at you album and your nails are lovely - hope you don't mind. I was having a nose as I know that you do bio as well as I have seen you on the bio group page. Tonia xx
    Hi Linda, lovely to hear from you. Busy is good, well done to you! Hope you are ok, dont forget to find some time for yourself, lol. XX
    Hi hunny - Thank you for your lovely comments on my piccy, although I think it came last or there abouts lol!!! xxx
    happy new year chick, my xmas was great thanks how about yours? btw had a look at your piccies your children are beautiful :)
    hi hun thanks for all your lovely comments, you have some really great nails on your profile x
    Hi Bebeautiful yes you are right the principles are the same , would love to hear more about the products.
    Yeah, got your message. Thanks for the call hun. Was working... My day was hectic! Did my first couple of clients today, as I've decided to do mobile work! Watch this space, lol.XX
    Hey hun, hows it going? Got your call today, sorry, was working..... Hope youre ok. Will catch up with you soon.XX
    ooooooo christmas shopping! I need to start mine as I no I will be 2 busy in December!!! want to go 2 bluewater....the best shopping centre in the world! Ikea is addictive!! When I get my house next year I plan to go there to kit it all out, there just bout to open a new one near me in southampton! x
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