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  • well, im new to this site and I dont really understand fully how it works yet!!! A bit like facebook for beauty therapists I presume!! My day hasnt started yet, doing 1pm-9pm today!! bit annoying I would like to start early and finish early but thats how it goes! how is you day? x
    Thats ok such a pity as I was looking forward to seeing you in person. But yes please let me know about any other tickets that come up. xxxx
    Hey how's things its all go go go here! have 2 girls coming in on sat for work experience & have a junior starting thur. I wanna keep the salon all buzzy and happy thru this difficault time. People on here r gr8 its so nice to know you care. thx
    It's good you're all booked, that means that you're greatly appreciated...:)

    So I'm not mad atcha, do what you do! And stay blessed!
    hi bebeautiful, i m a bit down today, just started a thread with my problem, can you have a look pleaaaase?
    thanks, I did some business cards for now and I m giving 25% off to clients that bring a friend, i only use gel for now. I m planning to do a nail bar at home cause for now i m using a table in my sitting room. but i have a spare room which i will divide and use as small salon. my husband will do the table for me and i will try do do it welcoming. Hope to get some new clients for christmas and maybe by word of mout it will keep going so that I can continue with some courses.
    no I didn't I have been to london one day but never heard of that place, so you re pretty busy with nails he! I m still at the beggining and i don't have much clients, i m home based, I hope i ll some cause i really enjoy doing them
    Hi, I was very busy as usual, my daughter is 2 yrs old and very active, so you can imagine, besides tomorrow i m going back to work at school after summer holidays so i had to do some cleaning as well!! what about you?
    Hi bebeautiful i m so happy you accepted my request, i was looking at your profile but cannot understan from where are you
    Hi hun, yes it has been a while has'nt it, Im not to bad thanks, have a frozen shoulder on my right side which is bloody painful to say the least, had it most of last year in my left shoulder ...Im going for crystal healing next Tuesday see how that works, looking forward to it tbh ..
    How are you hunny ..x
    Aww, 6 and a half - major cuddles needed I'm sure! My youngest, my son, is 13 now, but not too old for cuddles!
    I hope he's soon on the mend, but I bet he doesn't!
    Awww, bless him. Tonsilitis is horrible, I used to get it really bad at one point I ended up in bed for a week each time and that wasn't all that long ago.
    Fill him with ice cream, it really soothes the throat, cools and numbs it too. The chemists have a throat spray you may be able to get for him too. How old is he?
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