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  • Hiya!
    not brill tbh! I had to take my son to the orthodontists at the hospital to have his dental blocks repaired, so they said - oh, come back at half 2, this was at 10am ! I had to cancel my pm appointments & keep him off for the day! Not too much trauma really, but I've a stinking cold sneezes & cough, which is a blooming niusance in our job!!
    How have you been?
    hey thanks for message how do i get a visitors page like this!
    Sarah x
    Hi honey

    Thank you for your comments the stations do not have ventilation and I am not sure were they came from as my buisness partner at the time purchased them
    ahh thanks Bev you are wonderful, I worked as an accountants clerk a few years ago and I also did some book keeping for friends of mine who's husbands, partners were in the building trade. Does this mean that you have finished your homework lol?
    Yes, I'm having a go at getting it all together, deadline is 31/10, but I have made the mistake of not keeping my bills in order, so it's a free for all in a big bag at the moment!
    I have been doing them for a couple of years, so I'm OK with it.
    If you need advice, ask me, if I can help, I will.
    I'm Ok thanks babe. Today will be a nightmare - I've got to do my tax return!!! So if you see me on here tell me to go and get on with it lol!
    Have a great day.
    your home page looks fab too us girls we do like pink dont we
    ps just had a wee peak at your pics they are great I do like my glitter xx
    oh thank you hunni, sadly the smile lines are tips and not my own work just me having a play about with popits xx
    Very good thankyou :)
    just trying to decide what to feed the tribe today which doesn't blow my diet!
    You having a restful day?
    Oh what a shame. Try to'll have a ball. Off to bed now for a read. Night doll. xxx
    I love her. I find it so difficult to choose one artist though. Do you? I adore 80's disco (Donna Summer). Stevie Wonder, Motown, Billie Holiday, Duffy........I could go on and on. xxxx
    Hey Brooke, long time I missed you where have you been? The move is on the move, hehehaha. We are rteally close to closing the deal and moving,
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