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  • Aww..thanks for taking the time to reply Shona. Keep well, be sure to update us, but only when your work load is not so hectic. Take care xxx
    Hi Shona,

    Just wondering how you are getting on with your course as I haven't heard from you on SG for a while. Please join us again and update us with your progress; love to hear from you :Love:

    I've posted some pics of my work on the hand trainer for you to see :o xx
    Today 04:02 PM - permalinkTip-toe
    Me too, I wouldn't want to do "clients" unless I'm confident too. Practice, practice and more practice I guess..!! That would be ideal wouldn't it..? x
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    The most practice I did with enhancements was on the nail trainer, which was given to us to do our course work. Looking into practising on live models soon, but my biggest worry is the time I will take to do them :o

    Being a natural slow worker, I'm dreading they will fall asleep at my table..!! :Scared:

    A hand trainer will be ideal for situation like this :wink2:
    Yeah me too, I was a lurker for a while before plucking up the courage to make my first post hehe..!!

    You'll love the L&P training, its wonderful and the quality of the product is amazing.

    I remember my first set took hours..!! But I felt a sense of "mission accomplished" and was rather excited and proud of myself ;) (bet I'll cringe looking at it in the future though) lol..!!

    Don't worry Shona, the EA watches over you as you practice, and when you do it on your model too. She will advised there and then about your techniques, or answer any questions you may have which i found really reassuring.

    Another thing I found really helped me was "NailClass" by Gigi Rouse, she has really good advice on techniques and the text is so easy to understand. She worded it as if she was telling it to you whilst watching over you (if you know what I mean) :D

    If you haven't got the book, have a look at the tutorials she posted on the site.

    HTH xx
    Yes I will be doing the Itec part when I feel I'm ready :)
    I definitely need to practise loads on friends and family before I start charging clients though. I'm just anxiously waiting for my certificate (doesn't it look wonderful..?), cuz like you I haven't done any serious learning for donkeys years lol..!! :D
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