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  • hi there , i have a demo booked at my salon this saturday and i am so excited ! will you be the one doing the demo ? x
    Hiya, only just realised who you are on dim am I :lol:
    Was fab seeing you at the show and I'm looking forward to hearing from you:wink2:.
    Aha I found you at last - tried everything even Creative ten then saw you already in my friend list duh! xx
    Yes thats fine with me. I def would like to stay mon night so i haven't got the stress of getting there on time on tue morn. I don't really want to stay fri night as I'll be dying to get home to see the kids and hubby and I've got a full day at work on the sat. Hope thats ok. xx
    Hello!! Have just spoke to claire and if we decide that we are staying at the travelodge, we can get it for £29 a night if we book soon! Are you up for travelodge or would you rather stay at the ramada, £55 a night?? Did you say you were sharing with amamnda?? xxx
    Becks you narna!! we did meet at the gel design at Grafton xx I am under Jo in the North East can u remember x I hope you are doing really well babe I am looking forward to catching up with everyone in Sept and also at the roadshow in November xxx
    hi hope you dont mind me asking can you use q monomer with hd powders as having trouble with hd but love the pink colour of it im planning on doing a hd course in sept or do you think i should just do normal ezflow course first i trained with nsi thanks marsha x
    And that weekend sounds amazing !
    Travel is a problem for me, I am such a wimp..I really need to get over it if I ever want to get anywhere......litrally lol !
    I will though, I defo will....I need some good goals to work towards I think to get the motivation up again....iykwim
    My kids are 9 and almost 12, so they're not babies, but still a pain in the bum when I try to work ..
    So I am keeping it to friends etc...over the holidays (well trying my best to)

    I think your'e right when you say overbuffing,
    I am so used to Nsi attraction, which Is quite a "hard" product and sets so quickly, that I think I must be used to whipping the file out, and working it...
    Whereas HD needs a more "gentle" approch lol...

    I haven't done any fantasty really for a while, its very rare I even pick my brush up at the moment,
    I did do a cute teddy bear the week before last though :D

    I bet you're excited to be doing your educators, God I hope I get there one day..
    Sometimes I think I haven't got the bottle to be an educator or something similar, then I think I sooooo have !!!!
    Only time will tell I suppose lol
    I don't actually know who I am supplied by, coz I couldn't use it, so haven't bought anything since I got the kit with the conversion lol.
    I got a little sample of q monomer with a collection kit,
    I think I was ok with that..can't really remember,

    I don't really have any clients at the mo to be honest,
    Mainly with the kids being off i think they have all dwindled away...I am sure they will be back in september lol.

    I might have a go at the comps, I don't know its scary isnt it :)
    I might get the HD out in a minute and have aplay...
    The main problem I had was filing it off at the cuticle I couldnt really use it until the problem was sorted....
    then before I knew it I couldn't even pick up bead properly, Its very frustrating grrrrr...
    Hiya hunny,
    NOOOOOOO it has nothing to do with Caroline lol,
    Its the HD I just can't get to grips with it, I did the conversion last year and still can't get to grips, so had to switch back to nsi,
    I still have my hd kit though, was hoping to do another course eventually..
    but then of course Caroline left,
    I am in Runcorn Cheshire hun...
    Hopefully I will be coming to the roadshow..(if cn get a lovely model to drive lol)

    I will defo be at gmex though, so I will come and see you x
    Im not competing though too scared hahahaha
    Hi Beck,
    The nail competition is now up and running again lol! x
    Looking forward to catching up with you in September seems ages since the gel design xx
    Hiya hunny bun,
    Thankyou xxx
    Lifes OK, Not doing clients atm, well the odd friend but thats it,
    Getting my life and house in order before the kids go back to school, I didnt realise how much I had let it all go lol.

    Hows you hunnybun, you been busy ?
    Any EZflow updates or anything,
    I have no idea really whats going on now, it's a bit gutting,
    I was so lookin forward to being an ezflow tech, but it hasn't worked out that way so far :cry:
    Will you be going to professional beauty this year ?
    hi vanessa told me to pm you as i want to come on the conversion course your doing in her salon on the 14th july
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