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  • no - not yet been getting loads of niggles but this one is not quite done yet. Due tommorow and would love it be asap. what about you?
    I'm in Keighley, not such a great place but lots of lovely surrounding areas such as Bronte country Haworth. How about you?

    anne xx
    Hey Becki, Im not on here much nowadays, but I did read your Blog hunni! I hope everything is ok! Let us know yeah!

    Thinking of you!
    Hello sweetie....been thinking of you. I'm so sure all will be OK. Keep me posted. You have my number if you wanna chat xx
    Hey you ... thank you for the welcome back. How's the 'bump' ?? Had a brill time but it is always good to be home and back in the real world again too. xx
    I have 5 weeks to go this Friday - omg - its gone so quick!!!

    How you doing? I'm great and comfy - and not too big.
    not to bad, still working tho, actually i seem to feel better at work than i do at home ! Have started buying baby stuff now just got to decide on a pram xxx
    I'm ok ish!

    Haven't been geeking that much lately, my collar bone has still not mended, the seizures are at last under control, but I feel quite down as I am so limited in what I can do with my arm! At least I have most of my christmas presents sorted and I am looking forward to going away as usual for christmas - loads of more ups and downs, but in the main I'm ok ish :green:

    What about you ???

    Love n snuggs Deb xx
    oh heck !! when is lee back? things will be easier with him about xx I know you was very disapointed to miss your lunch with gigi xx I'm sure you'll both get to meet up soon xx you take care of you and bailey and bump xx
    hey lady xx not caught you about for a bit xx hows bump? I'm fine just busy as ever .. going to leeds tom (minx demo day) .. bit worried about the weather atm .. might have to leave a little earlier !!! like now !! xxx
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