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  • Hey dont mention it sweet. Im fed up with all the negativity on here! Come on for support and you can get the complete opposite! x
    Just to update, I have applied online and sent my certificate through email. I had a response within 1hr to say all has been approved and im covered from today. All documents are in the post tonight for me too apparently x
    Hi there
    I am about a week and a half away from officially launching my business. I haven't got my insurance yet, but I am about to apply for it this week. I have however rang up my insurers a while away (when I heard about this issue) and told them where I had trained and the qualification I had and they said it was fine!! Im using ABT Assosiated Beauty Therapists, with Zurich. I hope this helps. I will apply for mine today and see how I get on and I will let you know x
    Hi Becky, I have just completed my Level 3 nail tech diploma with stonebridge (not with 3 days training) and I am horrified to learn I can't get insurance. I have been reading your posts as well as many many others and I'm now terrified I will have to start all over again somewhere. The 3 days was not availalbe when i started and they have since changed their website re the insurance! I have tried Abt and The Guild but both say I need the have had practical training. Can I ask if you did manage to get insurance or did you have to do other training? Thanks, Audrey.
    Thank you :) Everyone seems to be going mad for french gel. I did have some others to up load but the uploader wouldn't let me!
    How dare you say you are selling a service/product when your nothing but a trainee ;)
    Just to clarify to those who are suspecting the worse! I have just finished my home based training through Stonebridge College. I am provider of nail services for my friends and family whilst I am still mastering the skills.
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