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    Thinking of converting from Shellac to Gelish - questions

    Basically because shellac is more porous, it may not last quite as long as a gel polish. You could even try Bio Seaweed Gel, their system is great and no primer or heavy buffing needed either. If you get the unity polishes, you don't even need to use a base coat if you're doing a pedicure!
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    Allergic to acrylic

    You could try silk wrap extensions, not sure if you'd be allergic to the resin though.. I personally use the dip method on top of the silk extension using brush on gel glue and then dip into powder gel
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    What is this?

    That looks like a pseudomonas to me... :S when moisture gets trapped between a fake nail and the natural nail plate bacteria forms which can lead to fungus. If anything you should not be treating it and advise them to go to the doctor to get it checked out.
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    What do you use to sterilise manicure tools?

    If they're just used on yourself, you can reuse them. What I do is when you finish with a client, give them the file and buff to take home (don't ask them to bring it back!) but definitely never reuse files and buffers on different clients!
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    What do you use to sterilise manicure tools?

    At school we use Accel CS20,(they also make wipes, surface spray and 'hydrotherapy' which you would use to flush a pedicure spa) I just bought a gallon for use at home. Compared to other products, this one is super easy to use. You pour it into your container and it's good for 14 days-- no...