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  • Hya!!! Yea it was fantastic, defo worth going on it, learn really good techniques, have u tried any of the waxes you brought out? Xx
    Hiya how did you get on with the speed waxing, was Kim as good as people say? Hope it went well for you x
    Got the ditital from hive, but if ur going to beauty show in feb then u will get good deals xx
    Yes i have 3! U dont really need three, but the first one i had was when i first started, its a single one, with a dial, i got it from sallys, then i bought a hive dual digital one, its got pot for 1000 cc and 500 cc. I really like it, its got a lid as well. Xx
    Hey it was very nice to meet you. I am going to buy the lot i think. waiting for the next VAT free from Beauty Express. Have you already two wax heaters? Where did you get yours?
    Hey hon, lovely to meet you today, hope you got home safely, thanks for my lovely waxing. Hope I get lots of lovely clients to practise on! X
    hi hun ive never tried that colour there are many pale ones in the range i like pink smoothie and u can jazz it up with waterfield colour also x
    Some do. Lots of them just want to try it out. Lots of them want their nails healthy long term so love Shellac. I haven't been open for very long though!
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