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bella bee
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  • Hi, thats ok and I love OPI colours, such a nice polish and I'm adding a few each week when I go to capital, love shellac, but get bored so quick and change my nails every few days which don't mind doing with OPI.
    Ah i love the pink, mind these days i wear bio all the time as no chipping but i will be looking out for that pink :)
    On to the dark shades now summer has been and gone! Mind i dont think it came this year :( x x
    Evening hun, hows you? thanks so much for the heart :) i LOVE the pink you have done on your nails its gorgeous x x
    Oh I think I know which one you mean!!! I used Gelsh - Passion then in the ring finger I used Gelsh - Princess Tiara xx
    Hi hun. Sorry only just seen thus message! Which picture are you talking about? Not sure which one you mean?
    It won't be an OPI one, I use Gelish!
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