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    Christmas treatments

    Tia I am mobile so I have done a few lil offers for December to keep me busy. Hopefully we can work x
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    Christmas treatments

    Hi just wondering any massage therapists have any winter/xmas treatments they could share with me.... Interesting to no all your treatments. :-)
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    Aromatherapy oils

    Hi where does everyone purchase there oils from???
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    Body exfoliation treatment

    Yeah I was thinking of doing a body scrub with a hot towel removal or mitts then finish with a back massage x
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    Body exfoliation treatment

    hi can I just ask what products do you use for back facial? Kaeso?
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    Facial product recommendations

    I have used the whole range of kaeso and there’s lovely products and amazing on the skin.
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    Holistic therapists

    Hi Everyone, Hopefully that we will come out of lockdown soon fingers crossed. I wanted to ask do any of you do offers round Xmas to do with your therapies. I am having a little bit of a brain storm to come up with offers to keep me busy in December seems we haven’t worked through November...
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    Elemis reviews please?

    Hi does anyone no a website I could buy Elemis from? Wholesale price?? also does anyone no anyone that is selling Elemis gift sets fit £50 they was seen on QVC but jumped bk up to £100....
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    Body exfoliation treatment

    Wow that sounds amazing I will definitely try this x x
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    Body exfoliation treatment

    Oh yes please if you don’t mind, although how did you hear the towels up? I have a towel warmer for my facials an it fit up to 8 facecloths in there. I would love to no your method thank you 😊
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    Body exfoliation treatment

    I am also looking to do this mobile with hot towels/mitts removal, but thinking will it be too messy?
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    Body scrubs?

    Does any of you do body/back scrubs mobile? I am thinking of adding a luxury back treatment like a body scrub then remove with hot towels and finish with a massage.... thoughts???
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    Hot stones - mobile

    Thank you for the replies x
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    Hot stones - mobile

    Hi just wondering if you therapists carry out hot stone massage while mobile???? There’s a lot I have to carry however someone has mention about a portable heater for the stones.... anyone used these before??? Also where did you buy these from? melt me no your thoughts.
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    Pregnancy massage

    Hi Emmie, I have just been wearing ppe and I send out my consultation form online and a covid-19 questionnaire everything has been fine for me. I have been really busy must be baby lockdown boom x