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  • Aww, bless. Things that use to drive me made 15 years ago seem so funny now when I look back and it does certainly get easier, but now at 15 even with all his problems he is so funny and I can see it was just his personallity even then. So your little toad will seem hillarious in years to come. I would do anything to turn back the years in some ways. Wishing you all the best, take care and enjoy yourself. Tonia xxx
    Hi just seen you updated photo and your little guy has grown so quick - what a gorgeous little man. Enjoy every min hun (even the bad ones). My little man is 15 this year and I wish I could have those years all over again. Hope alls well. Tonia x
    Hi Caz, thankyou for the friends request.
    I'm over the moon at the moment my daughter had a baby girl on saturday morning Amy weighing 6lb 14ozs, mum and baby doing well after a awful labour..xx
    hi there, i noticed you are in watford, so just down the road to me. I'm in park street on the watford side of st albans and i have a home based salon.
    nice to see you, louise x
    love the picture of Harley such a lovely age my two young boys are 8 and 10 wish i could turn the clocks back..xx
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