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  • Hello, I was just reading on a blog somewhere that you use the Bride top coat...do you use it over regular nail polish or just as a gel sealer? If you do use it over polish do you wait until the polish is surface dry?
    Thank you,
    bellabeautie has been absent from this site since 2010, so you may wish to create a new thread if you still need an answer to the question.
    Hi Dan how are you, are you still busy. Your wedding must be coming up soon bet your getting excited hope ypu have a lovely time love lisa
    oh sorry read it wrong,I brought in a memory stick and holly put it on for me
    I put my pic up in my gallery on here I just wish I had done it on the natural nail
    Hi, Thanks. Your my first friend! I agree, it's really good to have someones opinion on idea's knowing that they have some knowledge! I sent my lease proposal today, so I am just waiting now...I find it really frustrating waiting for other people! I have my CND L+P next wednesday! and have a Mani course booked at begining of august, but have brought a book so I'm going to teach myself! I have done the learning part of a year one beauty NVQ just did'nt finish the assesments! regret that now! but am hoping that will help...

    Is your salon called bella beautie? How did you find the week's leading up to opening? I keep writing list's, but not sure if that will help when I get the key's and it's all go!

    anyway thanks, chat soon.x
    Hi dan have you got your cnd certificate yet cant wait to get mine and the nvq3 one aswell . hope your well see u soon love lisa
    Thank you, i had the desks made as I wanted something different! The pedicure chaire is well relaxing, wish i was a client sometimes! I see you rent a chair in a hair salon, how do you get on? xxx
    Hi i got them from ebay but i would say to get the un-cut one as i got 500 pre cut and i have to file them lthin and it is a pain in the ... lol. glad u like the site. xx
    i will look into it ... would be nice to just do a refresher course - i trained with cnd 5 years ago when i lived in tenerife but i know that just a year later they had already changed the foundation course to include an extra day - so already feel like i missed something?? lol. Been out of nails for a little bit while i had a baby. Who are you trained with? x
    hi thanks for that ... will definitely be looking into doing a refresher course but need to figure out where my nearest training centre would be. I am in torquay, where abouts are you ? :)
    No worries! that sounds good? how did you get that there then? thats good that you're busy, considering the way things are at the moment!!x
    Hi my friend Sorelle lives in dawlish it is a lovely part of Devon , I am from Okehampton, but now live in Surrey,
    That's good then! I remember that feeling of relief when it's all done! Are you working already? Or will you have to find something now? Things aren't too bad with me, work at Clarins is really quiet at the moment which can get me down sometimes but could be much worse the way things are these days! I'm just grateful to have a job! xx
    Hi Bellabeautie - let's put it this way... if you can do beautiful work with liquid and powder, applying Minx is a no-brainer. Minx is easy when you get the hang of it but like everything, it has it’s nuances that you need to learn! Hence watch the 'how to' on www.sweetsquared.com hope this helps :)
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