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  • hi thank you for your comments about my work x the elves and everything were all made from l&p acrylic it took a few months to get them all made but i enjoyed itso much xxxx
    I used to work at Body Beautiful along The Strand. Yeh was doing nails!
    I trained at South Devon when it was at the old campus in Torquay. The new one is much nicer! Avant Garde? What's that? Sorry if that's a stupid question! :) I heard that they do that now, have Creative come and assess you, I think that's really good, we never had that when I trained. What tutor have you had?
    I was getting a bit frustrated where I was, so decided I fancied trying something different. I do enjoy it and I love the products, but it's just not the same as nails!
    What were you doing before you decided to do nails?
    What are the Creative mani and pedi products like? We didn't use them in my course, only the polishes and enhancement products, but I am considering doing the CreativeSpa conversion.xx
    i used to work in Dawlish! about 2yrs ago now.
    Where are you doing your training?
    I'm currently working for Clarins as Account Manager in Torquay, but this is my first job that isn't nails. Felt like having a change but I'm really starting to miss nails! So I'm hoping to build up a bit of business in my spare time, and then eventually go part time or something. Want to be working for myself eventually, thats the main aim!
    How are you finding the NVQ3? What products are you using?x
    Thanks for your reply!Just trying to decide which top coat to buy this time! Although I think I may have to buy Super Shiney and Air Dry!
    I live in Newton Abbot, how about you? How long have you been doing nails for?x
    Hi hun, thankyou :hug:
    Most of the nails in my album I have done on myself others are on friends etc...
    Have you looked at the carlton institute in exmouth? They do day courses so its very fast track but to learn the basics and then practise loads, it may be adequate! Take a look. I'm going to do spray tanning too, with sienna x tanning I think. They have a rep in Exeter I believe. Its £75 + vat to train for one day. But if you want all the equipment also, will cost around £5- 600 to start properly. I'm setting up my own salon in newton abbot doing holistics soon. Am going to employ a beauty therapist too so she can do all that jazz.. I'm going to train in the basics of beauty i.e waxing, eye treatments just so I can do them if she is away or sick. x
    I did Indian head massage as a separate course so you can do that there. Love Indian head massage, it feels lush! Have a look into it I'm sure you can do that there. Are you trained in any other aspects of beauty or just nails? The course was pretty good. Hard work, but worth it. My tutors were Sue Young and Di Pooly but I believe Di has left. x
    I haven't no. This will be my first nail course! I did the holistic therapies course there though, last year. Are you still studying there, if so what you studying? xx Hi by the way!
    hi danielle have you got a client for tomorrow? I need one hope there are some at college.
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