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  • Hi I saw a post on SG in which you mentioned you had to ask your housing association for permission to work from home. If you don't mind could I ask you a few questions?

    This is Linda Nordstrom, I am trying to answer back to you but it is saying your box is full. Can you email me at so I can try and help you with your client.
    Bless you and thank you for the lovely words and for remembering!!! Wow 2003? We're getting way too old lol... But glad it has helped you and you are loving it x
    Thanks Glitterbox i shall have a read up of the rules and regs for the business facebook as you say it changes all the time i find it hard to keep up with being a bit tech phobic! good plan with the colour pops i have masses that i have never used so that sounds like a plan! ;) do you get your pics for Shellac directly from Sweet Squared? i wanted to post up on my website and facebook page also. thanks for your help xxx
    I post maybe once every couple of days- sometimes I go through phases of posting more. Yesterday for example I posted a pic of my nails and a pic of the new Shellac colours coming. Only around 1/4 of your likers see each post now they've changed how Facebook business pages work so I try to keep quite active to make sure there's more chance of being seen. I get the most response on pictures. I've just bought a bunch of nail pops so i can paint a heap of them with cool design ideas and post 1 a day for a while. For some reason despite my customers favouring plain colour on their own nails they do love a picture of something funky.
    As far as I know those agencies that phone are a scam. On your business page you click on the 'build an audience' at the top and create an advert is in there. I set mine to 'get more page likes' then wrote out a wee ad in the space. I used an image of a set of my nails rather than my logo cos I found it caught more people's eye.

    In the sponsored stories section I ticked both options

    Then in choose you audience I went with 'town city'- Aberdeen, age 18-60, females, only people not connected

    In the campaign & budget section I went with 2.50 per day (it uses the whole £2.50 but never more- I was so untrusting the first day I was waiting to be hit with a massive charge lol)

    Untick run continuously and then you can choose the days. I went with 4 days as wanted to spend £10. I ran it from Friday at 7am to Monday at 11pm so it was covering 4 days-and stopping before midnight so it didn't charge me for Tuesday.

    I got charged about a month after my advert ran.

    Hope that helps! It gets a bit addictive checking your likes though! I've done it twice now and both times got 50-70 new likers from it. I made sure to be quite active on my page over the time as well posting photos etc.
    Thank you. Got to go and get a new wax pot!!!! Went to put the refil pot in my machine yesterday and it didn't fit!! Just what I didn't need!! X x
    Thank you for the lovely picture comment. To be honest they didn't take too long and were surprisingly quite easy. x
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