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  • Hi! Thank you for the lovely comment about my profile picture. I used Shellac Fedora with a coat of Decadence over it and then did a glitter fade with gold holographic glitter from S2. Not easy to do on yourself! Xx
    Thank you for you sweet post. I am doing nails for about three years now. Got the hang of it last year. Learnd alot from my teacher when i didnt thought i would ever get any better. Its practicepracticepractice ;) You,ll get ther hun. Your already making beautyful nails. Believe in yourself! xx Liz
    Thank you for the rep for my salon. I've only just noticed that you gave me rep.. oops. xx
    Thank you for the rep my darling, that was very kind of you. I don't like this sort of thing on here, no matter who starts it as it gives the wrong impression of the rest of us. Since this has happened anyone with a financial interest in any company be it products or training have to declare it with a yellow thing at the bottom of their profile so everyone knows who has an interest in a particular product or not. xxx
    Hi! my name is lisber and i m waxer and from Riode Janeiro, i hope i got help you. i was looking you question about bikini waxing. ok i would like to know you are all write in Rio de Janeiro the waxer when waxing the bikini line always ask how the costum want the waxing. ex. if the custum say want a bikini like, i ask you them. how namy fingers would like i take, and so you show in the costum body if them want you take 1finger, 2fingers ans like this the costum can have a ideia how much can do the waxing or you can use a eyebrow pecil and so you can show exactely where you ll take the hair off. i personality always use the pencil because like this dont have mistakes and help to do a nice designer. i have some pictures in my web site i think
    excuseme my english it not so fluent. if you have more question, about bikini designer, pelvic decoration, eyebrow designer with henna. i have a pleasere help. lisber
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