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  • Hope you got back home safe and sound. It was lovely to meet you.x
    hi belle vie
    interested in gel u might want to move on. please let me know what uve got and how much u want xxx
    Thanks for your reply re removing opi. My client didn't know how it was usually removed as she had them done abroad. You mention infill as you would do if converting her from another product. Could you tell me how you would go about this as I have only done infills with biosculpture so far. Thanks. :). Elaine
    I'm new to this. Trained up & have exam in Jan.
    Really interested to see the replies you get.
    I've had my own nails done many times before starting training. My nail plate has ALWAYS been directly filed before application.
    I know they say that this isn't applicable now. But I do wonder. All the places I've had my nails done that did file... Have resulted in absolutely fast on gel. lasted weeks n weeks!
    Mine can last 1-2 weeks. But no more than that?!?!?
    have a look at the page again ... what Steph doesn't want are yours if you want them.
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