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    Thoughts please on LA Tan

    Thanks geeks, really appreciate your replies.
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    Thoughts please on LA Tan

    I'm new to tanning and trying to start up a little mobile tanning business. Would love some advice from all you experienced geeks. I have used LA tan on friends and family so far and the colour and fade are really nice. Has anyone tried their fast tan and do you recommend it? Also was thinking...
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    Spray tan solution

    Hi Geeks, Just wanted to know what spray tan solutions everybody uses and why? I'm a newbie and would love and appreciate some advice from you all. Thanks
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    Which spray tan machine to use

    Hi I have recently completed my spray tan course and I am looking for a good spray tan machine and best lotion to use. I would really appreciate some advice as I am so confused with them all. Been looking at the maximist spraymate and lite but not sure.