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    Wella lilac

    I'm pretty sure it will as the undertone of illumina is violet based Only ever done over pre lightened hair and work as a perfect lilac colour but I can't see why it wouldn't work I would love to know the result you get xx
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    Purple/lavender ombré advice

    If you want same as picture Why not try toning with koleston 10/0 with some 55/66 on roots when you have achieved right root colour massage through to ends for a couple of mins till you get the lavender colour or Do 10/0 0/66 roots and try instamatic muted mauve through ends hope this helps
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    Purple pics please!

    Could try koleston perfect 55/66 after lightening up to tone with
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    Best Wella ash toner?

    Could try 10/6 in colour touch 1.9% I love it it's one of my favourites gives a very clean white ash blonde
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    Lilac colour

    Can anyone help I need a deep lilac colour in koleston or colour touch
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    Colour Touch query

    Colour touch have a special mix range they are great also good for creating vibrant and pastel shades when toning over bleach mix abit of one with 10/0
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    Colour help

    Assess when she comes in Do the root colour with your formula or if has lightened up abit maybe switch to just 7.0 20vol on roots I wouldn't worry too much about ends should be fine to leave or refresh for 5 mins with root colour Hope this helps