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  • Hi Hun, are you up for a geek meet ? if so we are going to Bluewater again this year trying to arrange it for 12th May. When is your baby due? is it June?
    Hope you are well and blooming nicely at mo. Debs x
    i luv the pics of ur dogs, soooo cute!. im trying to convince my other half that getting a puppy is a good thing lol x
    Hi, When I spoke to Bio I only wanted to buy a brush and it happened that they asked why had I not trained with them and that there was a Trainer sitting next to the girl who was on the phone to me, so I had a word and she agreed that I could do the half day as I have been doing nails for 5 years with my own salon etc and that I had trained with Calgel which is similar. Phone Fleet and ask to speak to Esther the trainer. Good luck. (maybe you would have beed better off with Calgel they are lovely to deal with, I had a curtosy call from them yesturday !! just to ask me how I was and was there anything they could do for me, so I gave them an order lol)
    Hi hun, have you got your Bio dates sorted? I am not liking the edge gel much but really love the s-gel
    (how come your Dublin trip is mentioned under your user name its like facebook status?)
    Debs x
    Hi Claire,

    sorry to hear about that, will chase it up with Sarah and see what happened otherwise we will sort it from here, so dont worry :O))) and thanks for letting me know!!! Cheers
    God that was a long time ago, think I charged half price for about 3 monthsish ?? I did my nieces for a fiva and mates for £15 then when I got a client, say a friend of a friend I charged £30 but took about 3 hours lol. But if you do sets that need infils at 2 to 3 weeks then you have cracked it. I found that the first year to be truthful I did not do infils where the client had not lost a nail. (although it was buff off gel then and I was not tought to remove pterygium :() I had a lot of lift so changed product found out about correct prep and it was great I could not believe it when I saw a client with a full set and I had to do infils. Thats when I felt really confident. Although I never let a client know I dont know something when asked. If they ask I have an answer even a simple answer. I like to know everything about my product and its do's and dont's because you never know who will ask.
    wow thats great. Yes thanks I'm ok. I hope you are too. Have you advertised yourself yet ? you can go online and advertise free on google ads. google search 'nail tech in Swanley' then look at what company the ad is with ie freeindex is one. click on the ad and look for 'advatise with us' and they have free listings. You can do a profile and voila! you are advertised!
    OMG you are really going for it! although once you know how to apply gel there is not much difference between buff off and soak off when it comes to application ie, how to hold brush and the placing of gel and strokes etc, some have bonder first some dont that does not change the application tho. Have you got the Brisa kit yet??
    Hi Claire, I booked my day at Bio (Fleet) for 9th Sept so I will be in your class as I thought :) what fun we will have. They are sending me a price list so I can order before I go - OMG I will have to be strict with myself cos I want all of it lol
    Hi ya, is the training centre at Aldershot for Bio S. Do you have to take a model for your class. I dont know the details yet for the day course I hope I dont need a model lol. I am so excited looking at all the lovely colours, far more than Calgel.
    I find Calgel limits my offers to clients as there is not enough colours I will have to pass on the excitement to them so they can get ready for the rush of colours lol.
    Hi Claire, I maybe highjacking your Bio class. I am booking with them tomorrow for the next course, but only a one day scupting thing as I am already a gel user. Dont know the date yet but I will let you know.
    PS. Love the doggy pics.!
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