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  • Hi I have been looking on your website as I am considering changing my spray tanning solution. I am a mobile therapist and have been doing spray tanning for around 3 years, I have been using the same solution for that period of tie and have not encountered any issues, but after looking online at all the other solutions on offer I feel like I might be missing out on some real gems. The popular solution with my clients are 8 & 10% and would be great full if you could send. E complementary samples of these to test prior to placing an order my email is guy1sara@ntlworld if you email me I can send you my delivery address. Regards Sara
    HI Betsy I am just enquiring to see if you sent the OMG 20 out to a Tyne and WEar address last week, just I have not recieved it yet and would love to try it.
    Hi Betsy,
    Just wanted to ask if theres any tanning courses in northern ireland? Im looking to do a course soon and would love to do a course with omg if poss? thanks xx
    Hi there, I am ner to spray tanning and have researched OMG and would like to use their products. Is it possible to get a free sample? Thanks, Abbey x
    Hi betsy, i would really like some samples of OMG... please could you let me know details.. Thanks :) Natalie x
    Hello. Omg looks great and seems to have great reviews. Can I get some samples? I'd reall appreciate as I need to get some stock ASAP! Thanks in advance x
    hiya betsy, i did my spray tan training with you yesterday,and i want to get my kit, is best ordering it from the website or coming in and getting it?x
    Whats the best way to go about ordering samples?
    Also, do OMG do tan remover wipes, I cant seem to find any on the website.
    Thanks x
    Hi Betsy
    Ive got my training booked with yourself on 16th Nov but just wanted to ask about the OMG Tan 2 nite. I'm really interested in this solution & wondered will it be possible to get a sample when I am at my training?.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Hi Besty,
    I'm also looking at buying the hv5008 starter kit and wondered if you can give me some advice.
    Is the machine good for parties? Does it have the advanced nozzle as im getting confussed with different machines and lastly... I have sensitive skin and are the products made with natural products? Would I be able to request some samples including the new scented brands?
    thank you x
    Hello betsy :)
    was just wondering if there are any samples of OMG tanning solutions as im thinkin of buying a kit and wanted to see how well the tan is.. Thankyou Jade xxx <3
    Hi Betsy,

    I'm looking at buying the hv5008 starter kit from the omg website. But I was just wondering, is this hv5008 machine suitable for spray tan parties?

    Hi Betsy,

    I have my tanning training next month with Sienna x. After alot of research I can see that OMG and Sienna are probably the most popular. I have samples from Sienna but was wondering if I could get some from you??

    Many thanks

    Hi Betsy, I'm pretty new to spray tanning.But ordered your kit through sebastian and I have to say your customertservice is second to none x I was ordering with a distributor of yours who let me down so phoned your offices and spoke to the lovely Sebastian xx got my kit the next day plus samples, great company hope to deal with you again Donna (Leeds)
    Betsy thanks so much for your help with my order even though there was some confusion over my surname...its RAMAGE!!! Hahaha my scottish accent holding me back again.

    Thanks were a great help x
    Hi Betsy, I have had to take tan training closer to home due to financial changes... when I get to visit the area next I will look into OMG again :) Love the zingy orange on your page !!! x

    Can you tell me that OMG sells solution without the smells and with the smells like coconut, cherry to name a few? Is there a difference?

    Can you send me samples of all four of them? how much is it? Thank you very much, I have added you as a friend, hope you don't mind.
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