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    I was looking for advice on the skincare range Beautylab and came across quite a few of your posts. Would you mind if I asked, are still using it and what you think of the range? I went to the Olympia Show yesterday and am quite impressed with the brand. I have done soooo much research into other brands and nothing has fitted so far. I haven't got a huge budget (around £5-600 to start with). I noticed that you mentioned they didn't do training although the woman I spoke to yesterday said they did so they may have introduced it recently...I would appreciate your feedback if you have time! thank you. Anna.
    Hi! Just dropped by your page as I am also from Doncaster and it would be great to get to know more people in the industry locally. Jenny x
    Hey, thanks for the comments on my pic. The trendy wraps were done under acrylic. They last really well, i did cap the free edge with a gel top coat just incase. I kept mine on for 2 weeks before i got bored and changed them but one of my clients have now been on 3 weeks with no problems although she generally not too hard wearing on her nails. I have another lady with 2 toddlers who had some last week so i'll let you know how they hold up if you want? Hope this helps xxxxx
    thanks chick, thats brill ill go get my self some im just redecorating the salon and i think they look brill! just the job! thanks again! x
    hi luv, i hope you dont mind me asking but where did you get your display crystals in your cabinates from? they look lovley and would spruse up my display cabinate! thanks jane
    Oooh wow thanks for your help hun. The problem is im not sure ill get my NVQ level 2 :(, i dont think they would let people buy it for ''personal use''. i think ill take a look at that thread, the result is so flawless it does look amazing. Is it very expensive?
    Hi There :D
    I had a look on your website and i was browsing through your nail gallery photos and saw the ''minx'' ones (wow they look amazing), i was just wondering if you could explain what this is please :), sorry i didnt PM cant find how to on here :S im very new.
    Thanks, Kaz x x
    when I was nine, my teacher told my mum i was 9 going on guess iv just always been old and boring for my where did i leave my cup of
    thanks for suggesting me in that thread. very kind of you cos i feel like im waffling a whole load of the time!!!!!
    Hi Similar to express lash / blink and go.
    No isolation of lashes needed, will last 2 weeks only. Applied in 20 min x
    I only fixed up the smile line on those Shellaced nails as it was my first go and I really wanted them to look perfect.. so I used a gel brush with a small amount of scrubfresh and swept in the smile, just to give it a crisper look... but now I don't do that anymore, I just do it freehand and it still looks just as good and it's much quicker too... I always loved doing french paints, I had lots and lots of practice :)
    Glad your getting on with them, can't wait. Thats a relief, I am originally from Castleford so I google earthed it and thought it was a bit odd. Thanks for your help chik x
    Hi there,
    I sure I remember that it was yourself that did your glamlash course in Castleford. How are you getting on with them? I am goin on the course in Castleford in a couple of weeks but the address appears to be in the middle of a housing estate. Is that where you did yours?
    Hi. I was wondering whether you had any jobs currently going. I have hit some financial problems, and just really want to get into industry, and your salon seems perfect. I can email my cv to you if you want :D x
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