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    Pregnant spa therapist

    Hey Hope your ok.. did you find any information about going back to work? I’m the same situation as you, salon based and pregnant.. not told my boss as it’s so early days but really don’t want to be working so close with people if we are high risk x
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    Return to work after lockdown while pregnant!

    Hi, I too have recently found out I am 6 weeks pregnant... I have been looking everywhere for advice as I’m so nervous about working again.. I can’t find help anywhere. I am waiting for a call back from citizen advice... I haven’t told my boss as it’s such early days and I have only worked for...
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    Clients going mad over appointments!

    Know know your worth... tell them maybe the time has come for them to move on, you are no longer compatible.. don’t let people speak to you like that. Clients can be so bloody rude! Yes we need them but let the rude ones go and make way for clients who are willing to pay more and have some respect
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    Wow - the ugly face of disappointment!

    100% I promised myself over lockdown never again will I give up my time off for clients.. regardless of how loyal they are.. I am employed so don’t have my own business but I have not agreed to work any extra days/hours to fit people in.. and your right there was a time we were so highly...
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    Covid-19 surcharge?

    Absolutely add a surcharge... min wage has gone up in April, you would need to access prices anyway so it’s a great time to increase price... and those clients that won’t pay and your worried about losing?? Let them go and make way for clients that will pay your prices.. I think lockdown has...
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    New direction after time off due to Covid-19

    Hi hope your all ok and survived first day back after 3 months.. I need some advice. I have discovered after the time off I have completely fallen out of love with hairdressing. So fed up of feeling totally burnt out working 10 hour days with no real break and just expected to work extra.. for...