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  • Hi. Can I do short extensions then but gelish on top. base and top it off? Would you put 2 coats of base or 2 coats of top it off to hide the ridge. Thanks
    I only just really looked Bev but want to congratulate you on your Nail Olympics win - way to go sweet heart :hug: xoxo
    hi bev
    i saw your post back in march 2010 about the gel pads issue i have just done my training this month and on my 6 case studies however one case study had an allergic reaction she has very sensitive skin anyway and has told me she has had reactions to suncreams before it did knock me a bit until i read the trail of comments after your quesry and have seen others have had gel pad problems, as you had this problem nearly a year ago can you let me know what other gel pads you have used since then or any other hints/tips, i will be doing a set tonight and will use the micropore and set the pad lower down now, she has had a patch test which has come back with no problems but just wondered if you could help out a newby with any tips. thank you x
    I think my common sense has kicked in...... you wouldn`t put it on a shiney natural nail so why would I want the enhancement shiney!! ♥
    Hi, I`ve just been reading the post about Gelish over enhancements. Would you still buff the enhnamcements to a shine before applying the Gelish, or just refine but leave them looking matt? x
    Hi Bev, would love to have come but my husbands on nights and I have 11 and 12 year olds boys. Hope you all have a lovely evening and I look forward to meeting you at the Gelish day..xx
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