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  • Very lol Did that the sunday when we got home couldnt wait to play, if you go to the shellac group under colour combos i have written down evrything on the wheel. HTH's
    Just seen your reply on the Event thread.. the only thing that we can't wear are jeans, everything else is fine :green:
    See you later on Bev... woohoo :hug: xxx
    Awww bless ya, i hope the pain goes away soon, there is nothing worse than a bad back (except toothache thats debilitating! lol) so for the tanning session shall we say the 28th, i'll get some fresh orange juice and some nibbles in since we are going to be busy, what do you think? xx
    I dont know yet, i haven't decided, last time i went with no enhancements on but as you know every bugger else had them on lol so i felt wierd hehehe. No worries about yesterday, when you got kids me time goes out the window lol. So, what are you up to today, busy? I've got the whole house to clean, i might rope a couple of my kids into helping me hahaha Xx
    Morning Bev, all went well, she went with the black CND glittery tips again, i think she's quite taken with the colour. It was really nice seeing you yesterday, we shall have to sort out a day after the event when we are both free, i'll get alex to bring me to yours. xx
    Hi Bev - yes that's my little sasha, a wee darling. She is back home with my son at the moment. Hope you are well. Your nail's are fab by the way. How you getting on with those stiletto's lol.
    I'm more than happy to have a drink on the Friday night too, but like you I don't want to miss anything from the education side of the weekend :wink2:
    I feel the same as you re having it all at the same place, makes things a lot easier and not as far to go if the weather's against us!!! lol
    Fiona (naturalnails) and I are sharing a room, Fiona and Susie H are meeting me from East Mids airport on the Friday afternoon and then we'll be with you, probably, by 5pm at the latest :D
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