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  • good morning mrs rose!! and how are you today?? Thanks for your words of wisdom over the weekend, i needed that kick up the butt!! Xxx
    BOO !!! doing ok xxx right need to drop you a bell to have a catch up feel out of touch !!! xxx been a bit busy the last month .. not just with work but 'life' but all good xxx lots of parties :) ;( and now its nearly summer ... i think I'm a bear, hide for winter anbd come out when the suns out !!!! need to you send some tanning info to me, get asked by students so want to give them your details direct xxx
    yes im fine thanks bev,hope you're well too. yes i still use the edable art glitters i love them,i just wish the shop sold more,lol.x
    not alot today, i'm busy tomorrow though. How did it go with your nfu.oh stuff, did you get to play around with it? xx
    Ooooo get you!! The colour queen is back!! lol Well thats a bugger then hey, i cant believe she didn't text you or something, even if its on the morning atleast you would have known about it and not been waiting in. What are you up to today apart from clinic and courier, talking of which.....come on courier impatient lady waiting!! needc glitter!! lol.Xx
    Ah same problem as me then, and mine is 9 ft by 22 ft lol
    Maybe I should just build another house lol
    Bev, I am still struggling with lash isolation so havent applied that many, however, I have a waiting list for them, I havent worn them my self, but Im a fan of strip lashes and I find that they can be addictive, are you getting on well with applying them? I am just waiting to hear from loubylou as Im off to spend some time with her to ensure I am doing everything right, so frustrating as when I do get them on they look great, yes we must get together for lashes :) will be in touch to sort it. x x x
    Hey Bev
    Im ok thanks things are picking up abit now as I have been slow for the past couple of weeks, but that has given me some time to catch up etc.. I set up the glitter tattoo group as I do them from my home salon and also events and a few kids parties, I use for all my supplies and stencils its quite a cheap outlay and I charge from £3 for tattoo and £50 for 2hrs at events/parties, my clients younger teens and the older ones love them and when I do my tan parties i take my kit with me and Im very popular lol, it is so simple to do and I have created quite a few eye catching designs, which il upload into the group.
    I have made back my original outlay 10 fold, I love glitter lol
    hth xx:hug:
    quite near, about 10-15 miles i would think. my diary is a bit over full atm though. but who knows nearer the time it could have changed. thanks for thinking of me.
    hey bev xx just seen angies blog about her spray tan training .. she loved it well done you !! so how did it feel????? xxx
    Excellent to hear. Things are cruising along nicely cheers. Am looking forward to hopefully being busy very keeps me outta trouble :lol:
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