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  • Hi Bev, thats great news!!! I am so pleased that he is better, it just goes to show you that the vets charge way too much money!! The forums i go on are and i think they'd all welcome your info.Xxx
    Hi Bev....well you deserve it! Hope everything is going well?
    Hi Bev - thanks for your messages - I have lost them now and can't find them again - where to I click to get them back as I need to look and chat to you - Debbie X
    Hey Bev, sorry i didn't get back to you yesterday, everything got incredibly busy lol. All is well here, kids are now on half term, dogs are well so all is good lol. We will definately have to catch up soon, Xxx
    Hey Bev, i tried calling you yesterday to let you know but you were out, Yeah the course was great, everything went well, Clare is a star, she helped me alot. I'm pleased that i've done it and now have decided that i want to work my way up to my masters/grand masters with CND, i can't wait! I'll call you later. What time is best for you? Xxx
    I am just on the waiting list they wouldnt take payment off me yet as they said everything wasnt yet confirmed. But they would call me to collect payment when they have everything ready.
    Hi Bev, Hope you are well. Just wondered if you are going to the event. I have called up today and got myself on the list. Have you been before?
    I know jo said you couldn't make it !! gutted was looking forward to a catch up xxxx time is just flying by this year !!!! let me know when you need lash models xx can't wait to have it done !! xxx c xxx
    Hi Bev
    Just to let you know that the date is definitely sunday 8th nov for the AGM & training,
    i don't have any times yet, head office are sorting that out, hth xxx
    Hi Bev the sellers user id is chipchop68, the shops called ribbons and roses I mixed it up lol! or type in personalised teeshirts and it should come up, if you are unsure check their feeback I'll be on it princesspinkbubbles xx
    Hi Bev got them from ebay, I chose the design from the samples they emailed me, think the shop is called roses and ribbons xx
    hey lady xx yep doing fine this end !!! just on the come down from hols and getting little man settled at school !!! hows things your end? still busy i hope and is everything going ahead ok with the tanning training? xxxxx
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