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    Do I need to attend a Gellux course?

    I asked my insurance (Babtac at the time) if I was a trained nail technician in a specific system and used a Gel Polish would I be insured to use it? I was told that as a trained tech 'you should know' , however, if you had a problem and needed insurance, then they would ask to see your...
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    Gelish on over 70's

    Hi, I have a number of clients over the age of 70 and one lovely client who is 82, and they wear Gelish. They also use a good quality cuticle oil - Harmony's Nourish Cuticle Oil or Solar Oil are both fab products. They do not have any problems with their nails or wearing Gelish. There's a...
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    Where to buy Gelish from??

    The authourised Distributor for Gelish is Nail Harmony as posted above, or Sally's. We also have sub distributors in Kent/South West/Yorkshire Sets per bottle (based on average size nails) for Gelish are as follows: Foundation Gel : 50/60 sets per bottle Colours: 25/30 Top it Off: 40/50...
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    Shellac or Gelish?!

    If you go to the 'Groups' tab at the top and have a look - there you will find both Gelish and Shellac Lovers groups - well worth a look if you are undecided x
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    Is Gelish Snow Bunny, white?

    Hi Gelish Snow Bunny is a creamy white, whereas Gelish Sheek White is pure white. Hth's
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    Gelish Pro Bond and Ph Bond

    Hi PH Bond is used after prep, it is a dehydrator and also removes oils from the nail plate prior to application of all Harmony systems. Pro-Bond is an acid free primer used after Ph Bond for Gelish Hard Gel & Fusion Acrylics. It is not for use with Gelish Soak Off gel polish. Can you talk me...
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    Gelish Structure Gel

    Yes it does, so allow extra time, when i soak off when a client has structure i know i can buff over the surface of the Gelish more which speeds up the removal process
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    Gelish over nail tips?

    When you say 'tips' do you mean over acrylic or hard gel extensions that the tips have been used with or applying tips then using Gelish alone over it? If you want to extend the nail with a tip, you can use Gelish structure gel over the tip to add strength, but not too long say 3 or 4 mm at...
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    Gelish Structure Gel

    Hi, Structure Gel is on the website - it's on page 2 of the Gelish Essentials pages x
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    CCO Gelish?

    Thank you for posting this. I have alerted our Head Office. The only way to be sure you are buying the correct product is to purchase it from the correct channel - ie: Gelish from Nail Harmony UK | Gelish | NailHarmony | Reveal Gels or authorised distributors and Shellac from Welcome -...
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    Congratulations on becoming a Mod xxxxx

    Congratulations on becoming a Mod xxxxx
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    Gelish wiping off?

    Hi, What has most likely happened here is that you didn't fully cover your colour coats with Top it Off to seal in the colour layers. Make sure you completely cover your colour, including down into the sidewalls too with your Tip it Off and you should be fine.
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    Hi, why are you selling your Gelish, are you not getting on with it? If you need any help...

    Hi, why are you selling your Gelish, are you not getting on with it? If you need any help, please let me know x
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    Gelish help

    What you have said is fine, the buffing to remove shine of strucutre is more about refining the shape of your structure application - if you need to, if you dont then just cure it, add Simple Sheer, if the client wants that or you feel you want to use it, then cure & then Top it Off.
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    Gelish Help!

    Harmony do Introduction Courses for all systems including Gelish as someone else has mentioned. Our Educator for Berkshire is Catherine and can be contacted at