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  • Thanks for the rep! I think that particular therapist & salon could do with reviewing what is meant by face mapping!
    Thanks for the rep :)

    Guess I'm a bit hypocritical though, as I've certainly mentioned the stuff that I do in the past, but at least I'm open about it lol...
    No worries. Did you get what you were looking for? Ebay has a lot to answer for lol! I go on there and get lost x
    Hey thanx for the pm, i think i might wait a while before getting some off you as its the boob tube product i really want and cash a bit tight at moment, so will save some more pennies. Thanks anyway tho xx
    Hey ! Hows you ? Do you still use the mama mio products ? I am thinking off getting some just wondered what the best products are and how much xxx
    Thanks for my rep- you gave me a month ago, sorry for the late reply but forgot how to see them! x
    Hiya bexi , silly me Ithought it was this week :lol: lol x
    I use virgin european hair with quality bonds,
    the hair took me years to find , you dont really need any special products with this hair ( except silcone free shampoo for the bonds )
    Racoon are good and they use nice european hair too.
    Ive seen a couple of people with Racoon extensions and they have always been very happy with them , I'll bet you cant wait :hug: lol x
    Hi bexi, just popped in to see how your extensions went :hug: ? ,
    did you get did you get a numb bum lol x :lol:
    anyway I hope you just love them x
    I did lucydogs for her last week :) xxx everyone seems to be wanting longer hair lately lol x :hug: minky
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