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    Crystal glass files - opinions needed

    and some advice please. Dont know much about them, have never used them. Can geeks give me a heads up on these? Are they good for the nails? Ta geeks
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    master sculptor brushes

    thank goodness!! :D :hug:
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    master sculptor brushes

    are these now discontinued? The ones with the interchangeable heads? I like the snap of a new brush so im used to this one :(
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    Need Air Brush Help

    I found this site pretty good for the basics Airbrush,airbrushing lessons and how to articles.
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    Scratch/CND Promotion

    thank you geeks, emailed them :) :hug:
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    Scratch/CND Promotion

    yes, still havent got mine and dont know who to contact
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    Nail Art Stickers / Decals

    i use the angled bit of an orange stick and do all around the outside first. Bend the backing paper back and kinda slide it under, Keep the stick in the middle of the decal so it doesnt tear. Fiddly fings tho
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    Scratch/CND Promotion

    Has anyone received their CND goodies yet?
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    Airbrush books

    can anyone recommend a definitive one? Ta
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    Eyelash extension training

    really really want to do this, ive looked around and most of the courses seem to be in London etc. Are there any in the North East of england that geeks would recommend?
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    sick to death of broken foot

    been three months now. Stood up on foot at an awkward angle and broke the 5th metatarsal into 6 bits. Went for check today, still not healing, need to go for a ct scan and looks like they're gonna operate. i go on holiday in 8 weeks, just my luck to be going away with a nice plaster cast on...
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    Nail Tech in Blantyre

    can someone recommend one for a friend of mine? Thanks
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    How do you boost your confidence?

    WONDERFUL! Thank you, feel better already. When you work on your own you get despondent sometimes and im a total perfectionist so everything has to be just right, which can lead to me getting frustrated when its not. I also tend to do the drama queen bit "oh im terrible, i should give up" but...
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    All your PopIts questions answered here!! The OFFICIAL thread for PopIts Q & A's

    Thanks Geeg, i assumed i was pressing too hard, would that casue air? the popits were all new, i dont reuse them except on my nail trainer and thats only for practise. Im really not sure what i did different tho Geeg, practise practise practise :D
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    How do you boost your confidence?

    Have a lady who keeps coming back to me but complains all the time about her nails, too long, too short, she picks at them in front of me, doesnt even realise shes doing it which leas to lifting and chipped acrylic. The fact she comes back makes me think that i cant be THAT bad but shes really...