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  • Hi, I'm good thanks, you? Yeah I'm going to the show on Sunday, I'll be going to the fingertips open day first at 9am then on to the show after that, if you see me, introduce yourself, as you'll recognise me from my pic, lol. Hopefully see you there. Carol x
    Hi Clare!!
    How's it going? Hope all is well with you.
    I had a real 'I saw this and thought of you moment' over the weekend. The new CND product Shellac is going to be launched in May. Shellac is very very easy and quick to learn (not like learning enhancements at all). I know your confidence is down with enhancements (which surprised me as you were such a natural on your foundation course), Shellac could give you the oppertunity to make some money quickly and draw in clients who 'arn't interested in nail enhancements'. We are still working on the GB£ figures but it looks like you could make back your Shellac set up costs with around ten Shellac Manicures. It such a shame all the beautiful products you invested so much time and money on are sitting in the cupboard, especially when you have such a naturally great personality for working with the public.
    I'd love to hear your thoughts on this Clare,
    hope to hear from you soon.

    hey mrs, soz for delay in replying, not been on this for a while. aw thats ashame as you have put so much into it clare, once the confidence is down its hard to get back on top of things but stick in there - you will get there..... i know how you feel as at times I still put myself down (quite a lot actually hee hee) I signed up for couple of extra courses to keep myself motivated but it is really hard if ppl not contacting you. I'm still doing mostly new sets but not as much re-balancing to be honest, but hopefuly 1 day...
    hope you are well chick - keep in touch
    Ang x x x
    Hi clare thats such ashame after all your hard work?? has things got any better yet - i really do hope so. Ang xx
    hey clare, so how did your leaflet drop go-did u get much business from it?? have you been kept busy?? well done for doing that. I got some little business cards made up but not been dishing too many i've been kept going mainly thru word of mouth, friends of friends, my cousins work mates and stuff - gr8 to hear frm u. let me know how u bn getting on?? xxx
    LOL, that is spooky :) Have you decided on your name yet? How are you getting on with the creative products, did you use anything previous to this? I used Tammy Taylor whilst at college, but I much prefer the creative, I'm getting fairly reasonable with the L&P but can't seem to get to grips with gel, avoiding doing them to be honest, as I know I make a better job with L&P but will have to overcome this eventually. Nails are definitely not as easy as it looks eh! LOL :)
    You are very welcome. Glad it went well, anytime I can help, just gimie a shout! x
    hello you!!
    hope your well - how you gettin on with the nails?? u been practising much!!
    iv booked onto the poppits course on 13th july...looking 4ward to that. have you done any spa treatments yet - i really enjoyed that day!! xxx
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