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  • Hey Jo

    I'm looking at starting to use Young Nail, i currentky use NSI and i am happy with the products but recently tried to book 121 training and they havent called me back (tried them 5 times now!) so looking for a new system where i can get some 121 training to help boost my confidence in nails too.
    if you could PM me with details about 121 training that would be fab!

    Thanks chuck

    Hi Honey Just to let you know we have started a Young Nails Social group Please feel free to join us T
    Hello me little luv
    I saw you pop up on my piccys lol, How are ya mate everything going brilliantly I hope :hug:
    Hi ya, was good to finally meet ya at the weekend....and a massive well done at the comps , you so deserve it !!! spk to ya soon ... haze xxxx
    Mmmmmm ,i dunno why ?? maybe i was havin a weirdo day ! lol, havnt been feelin gud past few days. But yeah im fine, hows you xxxx
    I have just had a look at your album, all I can say is WOW!!! Your nails are amazing. :hug:
    Thank honey hope you are feelin a bit better give me a wee call when you get a mo

    Luv ya all me and the Bhoys LOL
    jo, r u still hiding from me ??? lol im gonna start getting a complex soon :lol: hope u had a gud new year and ure keeping well, spk soon haze xxxx
    hey hey, long time no see....where ya been hiding ! lol ...hope u had a gud day yesterday ...spk soon haze xxxxxx

    I got an ez-flow kit with everything in and loving the cover pink!! Do you know if we will be getting a certificate for doing the conversion course? xx
    Happy b/day babe just been up to eyeballs with the twins b/day on the 31/10 not had a min love ya lots XXXXXXX
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