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  • Oh well thats good to know, stalk all you like on here then eh haha? Yeah she is so great at her lashes, I was so appreciative of her to help me. Now I just need lots of bodies and to get stuck in! :) x
    Hi, Sorry if it seems im liking alot of your post LOL. I am new to lashes and having a read through some old threads. I have heard Elaine speak of you, I had a little mentoring session with her a few weeks ago so I am all very new and trying to refresh my memory as my training was over 2 years ago. So im not your stalker, honest haha! x
    Thank you for my heart and for the recommendation.... I'm never gonna be able to give Fiaz the lashes you do ��... I'm scared now, don't think il be able to stop shaking when I see her !!! I was cool until she told me you do her lashes �� jo xxx ��
    Hi Blinkingorgeous,
    I read on one of the threads on here that you trained in beauty later in life. I'm writing a feature for BABTAC's magazine, Vitality, about this. Are you a BABTAC member? If so, I'd love to arrange to speak to you.
    Best wishes,
    Hi Claudia, hope your well? would you do a set of lashes on me please? i usually have blink and go, but am going to man up and have semi permanents!! Your lashes are gorgeous, hopefully can get some tips too lol x
    Cheat ;) I am gonna make a cake today cos I quite fancy a shed load of butter cream on it haha i did quit smoking for 6 months but put 3 stone on and made MEdusa look like a right wuss lmao xxx
    Ooooh which Yankee candle is it? Them bracelets are gorgeous you lucky thing - I like sparkly things hehee

    Biccies instead of lunch is a winner too - i have had coffee and a fag for my brekky, coffee and a fag for elvenses and you will never guess what I am having for lunch haha Going to have roast chicken for dinner though haha xxxx
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