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  • Your welcome Claudia. Your lashes are just amazing and I love to follow your work on facebook :)) Had a great summer holiday, Erin goes back to nursery on Tuesday just for 2 1/2 hrs, but I still have my wee man to keep me company LOL!! xx
    Thank you Claudia, just ordered the double pack, so hopefully I'll get it soon. I have been using my emergancy glue as I have been waiting on my usual glue coming back in stock for a couple of weeks but I hate it, it takes forever to dry! I will be very careful with the nozel!! On to my next quest to try and find mini mascara wands again the same company out of stock for a couple of weeks!!! Speak to you soon take care and enjoy your afternoons off xx
    Hi Claudia, my glue supplier is out of stock and I was thinking about using flirties, is this the one you use? If yes what size is it, there isnt a size in the description? If not what would you recommend?

    Thanks Annie xx
    You're very welcome, I'm getting there, got a college interview tomorrow, will blog all about that, but on the plus side, Zane is the light of my life, next to Karl and Kay lol
    Hi Hunny, You sounded really fed up in your post so just wanted to say we've all of us been there and you WILL sort this problem out and then you will be sooo chuffed when you come across the same problem (which I bet you will!) again and you will know exactly how to sort it!
    Big Hugs chick,
    Waffle xxxxx
    Awwh thanks for checking in on me... I think I must have that SADS desease... I need some sunshine!!! :lol: have a fab Mother's day.. I'm being treated to a nice meal at 5.30 this evening, so finished early and am all dressed up to go out, we're brining my son, so we'll be home by about 7pm... oooh I live on the edge don't I? he he he xxx
    Awwh good to hear you're feeling better... I had to give myself a good kick in the arse and now I'm grand!!.. I hate my weird anxious moods.. I think I'll come back as a man next time round :)
    Feeling like a big fat pig now, but I don't care LOL!!!... I'm just reading "don't sweat the small stuff" while stuffing my face... has to be done doesn't it? he he he!!
    Hi Claudia,

    Thank you so much for all your trouble and sending me the link. There was alot of useful info. I really appreciate your help!! Hope you received my previous messages of today, was having major problems sending. Hope you have a fantastic evening!

    Kind regards,
    Hi Claudia, thankyou for befriending me lol, bless Lucy for thinking of me! I'm in Brentwood so not far at all.
    I am indeed on maternity leave soon, baby is due in 3 weeks so i'm still working but on a very reduced workload!
    I've not thought about lash extending, it looks far too fiddly for my liking- i get a bit wobbly some days and it would be just my luck to have someones eye out!
    I'll definitely be wanting a set in the future though so know where to come for them.
    Do you offer any other services? I mainly do nails but a little waxing (reluctantly!). x
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