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  • Hi Claudia!
    Thanks for adding me :) i have 2 friends now haha. Hope your well hun. I have my Xtreme lashes training this wk end so looking forward to that espcially as its cost me a small fortune!! xx
    Hi Claudia, just seen your message, I don't go on here to much anymore sorry. Yeh am based in the high street now, I'm at the sun lounge which is changing to Bronzed and Polished. I worked there prior to it shutting and then was home based but it reopened a few weeks ago so am very pleased to be back. I don't do lashes anymore, just didn't like them. I specialise in waxing, but also do spray tans and Bio Sculpture nails. It's great to find more Billericay girlies, you'll have to pop in and introduce yourself xx
    Thanks for that lovely message re my nightmare lashes today! xxx
    Finally remembered to take before AND after pics today so you can see the result on FB.

    Is it just me or does the close up digital image show you WAY more lashes than you realised at the time!!! Think I need my eyes checked!
    Thank you, I have been getting them to open occasionally to check they are not sticking to bottom lashes, am worried now that I might get some stuck if they are shut the whole time, or is brushing up enough to prevent this. Have ordered glue so hopefully will arrive soon. xx
    Hi there

    I am in complete muddle with this glue lark am on verge of ordering this c type glue from eyelash products .com or the flirities one. I can't remember what one you use is it the flirties one? Can't find where to order it. The one im using is orderless no fumes but its getting on my nerves as it doesn't stick very easily its lash fx. Sorry to be a pain feel like i'm driving myself nuts, prob just need to take the plunge and try something different. Also do you test these glues out? this supplier said she always does. Feel free to ring me if you fancy chat 07814003401, don't worry if you are busy

    Lisa xxxx
    Noticed on one of your posts that you were nursing a cold. Just wanted to send you a hug and say "Hope u feel better soon" xxx
    So you'll have to educate me as this is a new part of the forum for me!
    What's the difference between this "conversation" we are having as opposed to PM'ing each other (apart from the fact I can't seem to find these conversations when I log back in! LOL.. Is this more like instant messaging?
    I completely understand about the big spend at lashbase.

    When I first used them I couldn't believe how reasonable everything was so kept thinking "Oh that's only £x, I'll get that"! Before I knew it, I had spent a packet.

    If you paid before about 3pm you might even get them tomorrow. It's like Christmas come early when I get my latest jiffy bag through!
    I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed to vent! Have just discovered this part of the forum. Have a few converstions to catch up on before people think I'm ignoring them!
    I can't believe a "professional" make up artist would put clusters on over semi permanents in the first place! She could even have spoken to you beforehand for some advice. No wonder the lashes dropped!

    Isn't great you can go on here JUST FOR A MOAN! How great is that. Next time I need to sound off you will be the first to know! Bet you can't wait! LOL

    Hope you're feeling calmer now... xx
    hello, i am billericay too. we must meet up and chat lashes some time. i am arranging a lash bash for the local lashers if u fancy love laura xx
    I love doing eyelashes extensions, I do the individual semi perm ones, but also do loads of other beauty therapy treatments, I'm a sucker for training!! I wish you loads of luck and hope it all goes well for you. Annie x
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