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    Thanks for my Tan Julie.. looking fab already, Em x

    Thanks for my Tan Julie.. looking fab already, Em x
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    Thanx for adding me as a friend i was lonely, hehe xx

    Thanx for adding me as a friend i was lonely, hehe xx
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    New Salon - which layout

    Hey, Have you got a receptionist? The problem we have had in the salon was we didn't have a receptionist and so when clients came early or someone wanted to buy vouchers we had to come out of the treatment room and serve to them. Now we are Joined with the hairdresses which is below us, so...
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    Make-up counters

    Hiya, I would have a look on the websites of the make-up counters your most interested in working for! One of my friends works for a counter and loves it, says it's very hard work though as the targets are ridiculous. But the perks and discount make up for that!!! Good luck hunting:!: Emma
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    Back Facial

    Hiya, This is a great treatment to do, it really goes well with men! I use the same range as facials, and i never seem to use that much more product. I charge £30 for 45minutes! I do superficial cleanse, Cleanse, Exfoliate manual or chemical, extractions, Post extraction mask, Deep cleansing...
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    Client Removing own nails???

    Hi everyone, It really makes me angry when clients attempt to soak off their own nails especially when you've told them not too!:grr: I do charge for the service of soaking off and explain to clients i am not charging for my time i only charge for the product that i use during the time it...
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    a bad treatment - worth complaining?

    Hi chick, That sounds awful...your poor nails!!! I would phone her and explain that you are training to do nails and you asked your trainer to look at the nails after she had done them and your trainer said... and list the things she did wrong ( in a nice way if you can). Then i would tell her...
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    Just can't do it anymore

    Aww im sorry you feel this way. My advice to you is Practice Practice Practice. The more you do the better you'll get. Stick at it :D
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    My Own Salon

    Wish you all the luck in the world :D
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    Antony's winning Nails xxx

    WOW one day i dream to be that good!!! xx
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    Finally chosen!!

    After ages and ages of trying to decide who Go with, Ezflow or Creative:confused: . I have finally decided to save up all my pennies and go with creative. Can't wait to have enough money to book a course. I'm so excited thought i'd share my excitement with you Yippppeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :biggrin:
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    I got my first blue star!

    Hey everyone, I only found this site a few days ago and i thought i'd share the news that i got my first blue star. I already love it here, im hooked!! Already i Have had so much help and found so much advice. Thanx fellow geeks xxx
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    Who to train with!

    Thanx for all your help Peeps much appriciated!! (Sorry about the spelling):D
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    Who to train with!

    I'm in Nottingham if that helps at all. Perhaps i should go with creative, Just thinking if i did train with someone else i'd probably convert to creative in a few years anyway.
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    A different kind of French Paint

    I think there really Pretty!! well done xx:D