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  • Sounds amazing, can't wait to try it! Yeah it sound like a fab weekend, can't wait. See you there.
    C x
    Hi there, hows it going? Are you still busy with 2 jobs? Are you going to the event in May? I'm going & so excited, this new product Shellac sounds amazing eh, can't wait to try it.
    Hello, im good fanks how are u? nah im not going wish i was :( are u? i saw your place looking for a full time tech are u gonna go for it? x
    hey, great thanks u? nah i didnt hear anything, i wasnt in the salon on sat my appointments cancelled :( hows bubbles going? xx
    Sounds good, I think maybe I'll have to make enquiries about renting a table too, but just see how it goes for now. the brisa was really good, and Fee made it look so easy, but I'm having a bit of difficulty creating an apex with it, so I tend to stick to L&P so its a bit of a catch 22 as I'm not getting much practice with it, but creating smile lines with brisa is a breeze compared to L&P :) guess it will come together eventually :)
    Carol x
    Hi. hows you? How are you getting on with the L&P since our conversion day? I'm really liking it, but just wish I could get more practice, still working full-time in an office so only doing nails at night, but getting there slowly, I did the brisa gel conversion in July, so that was really good too, but think I still prefer L&P. What you been up to?
    its been gd so far! a bit quiet cos off edinburgh trade fortnight so should pick up soon! what about you? x
    well practice makes perfect chick and iv been doing extra corses and they do help like - i did a 17 week corse at college bout 2 years ago for my level 2 then never really took to it and started my level 3 in november and now love it and the same as you, just practice when i can lol x
    hello, yeah iv found a salon in murrayfield its lovely, gonna be starting on tuesday! was ur place not busy enough? i saw them advertising your room in the courier. im back into the fingertips centre tomorrow for minx training so excited :D x
    im good thanks! just been searching the internet to see if theres any salon space anywhere to rent! hopefully get something soon! x
    hey! how are ya? how are u getting on with your new products, i did my first full set with them last night was dead pleased :D x
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