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  • Hi, It was fab seeing you too. You haven't changed either, more blonde than I remember! Yes like you spent to much money! Day out without the kids so hit Ikea and the shops on the way home. I could have sat all day watching those demos but I had a friend with me so couldn't really. Hope your well, Lilian x
    Was nice seeing you today...sorry we didn't get a chat, I had to head home once I had spent all my money lol!
    Sorry I have only just seen your messages, just logged on, on the laptop! Happy new year to you too! Hope your well. Nice to catch up. Off to the fingertips centre on 22 & 23 to do my minx and shellac. Been off having number 3 baby, no more. Pleased to see your back in the think of it!

    Best wishes, Lilian
    Cheers Lillian I was on the case lol!! If you see anything like that then report it via the red box as spam and when a Mod is on they will get the report deal with it, we can miss some of them !
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