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    How would you proceed here or wouldn’t you?

    I have a dear client of some 15 years in her mid 80s with terminal lung cancer, virtually housebound and with a daily carer. Her nails are one of her few remaining pleasures and I’ve had several texts! No intention of working before we are allowed obviously. But I’m very concerned with her...
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    Learned the hard way with Premier Gel

    I’ve been using Gel Bottle for a few years with huge success, it’s a wonderful product, seems to suit everyone and I have had no problems. I think the key thing is to apply it THINLY and get a PROPER CURE with an APPROVED lamp It’s not fair to slate a company because people are misusing it’s...
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    A July return!

    How rude and frankly ignorant. Not sure I’d be too keen on having her as a client. She’s probably not been socially distancing or anything anyway so even more of a risk
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    Facial brands?

    Kaeso is so cheap I had no intention of using it after my training. But I was so impressed with the smells and the feel of my skin that I’ve continued with it and my clients all love it.
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    A July return!

    Time to diversify, push other treatments, add in some luxury and charge a little more, create new packages etc maybe retail more You’re right, if you stay as you are it’s going to be tricky but I’m sure you’ll be able to tweak things. good luck xx
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    Selling gift vouchers whilst in lockdown

    I would happily sell a gift voucher. Feel sure that can’t be classed as work, more of an advanced payment.
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    A July return!

    With idiots like this, we are going to be in a complete mess [emoji853]
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    A July return!

    Cheeky devil!! What bit about social distancing aren’t they getting? I’ve had a request for a nail appt today from someone completely unknown to me ... guess her regular person is closed too! Being able to now grab a plant from a garden centre is very different to a full on appointment...
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    A July return!

    An interesting thread - good to discuss this with other therapists. July ... hmmmm not sure but I won’t be going back til I’m good’n’ready so will have to see. I think next week is going to see a lot of changes with the lockdown easing and fully expect to see a second wave of the virus as a...
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    Nails at home with no certificates, any advice?

    Borrow some money, do a course and then you can hold your head up high and charge what you’re worth (and of course get insurance) People in general don’t look well on self taught nail techs (or any other profession really) It’s far better if you can manage it to get quaified, even if it’s just a...
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    Best facial machines

    Of course JJ8
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    Retailing advice

    Totally agree with this. Why is this tho? Where are they getting them from and how is it ever worth them selling them as no profit in it? [emoji848] #confused
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    Best facial machines

    I’ll pm you hun
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    What new procedures following Covid-19?

    Interesting about copper ... Definitely agree about a sneeze guard but the ones in shops are dreadful. Please post if you manage to source a decent one! I feel like nails is the most risky thing with someone sat in front of you at close quarters. Anything on the couch I feel I’m more behind...
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    Covid-19 and when we’ll be back?

    I have some lovely clients who I know would never ever ask something like that. We all know the ones that would though sadly ... yes you’re right! [emoji24] We must view them just as a way to pay our bills (normally) and not feel too beholden to their demands