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    Mini treatments

    I think whatever you’re massaging decide what you want per hour and divide x
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    Most popular massage?

    I’ve never done a full body massage since doing my course!! All people book is back neck & shoulder
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    Face massage routine

    Choosing slow music and being super relaxed yourself (try slow breathing) will help you deliver an amazingly relaxing facial and is therapeutic for you as well! ;)
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    Which lash services should I research?

    So I’m booked onto “instant Lashes and Brows” with Capital next month and would like to do some research on pricing so I can be telling clients about it (I have one booking already! [emoji16]) I’m a tad confused with what services I should be looking up and I get the feeling that some are the...
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    Being mobile with acrylics

    I used to be mobile and it was very popular altho husbands and kids used to moan lol NSI used to do a Spa Liquid which had a much lower odour altho I haven’t used it for a while but still use NSI as an acrylic brand
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    Gel polish underneath builder gel?

    I believe this technique is called “encapsulating”, haven’t ever tried it myself as I do as little nail art as possible and don’t want to go giving my lot any fancy ideas [emoji23] have a little google and see if that’s what you mean x
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    Acrylic application help

    Get a pic if you can, it will help
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    Which CND Shellac colour is closest to these nails?

    Rubble (a tad browner) or Married to Mauve (a tad more mauve but close) And Field Fox for the lighter one
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    Stamping for newbies?

    I use paints and plates fromMoyou London NOT to be confused with Moyou who are nowhere near as good
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    Feeling terrible

    Had it been on for ages? I definitely find that when it’s been on beyond 2-3 weeks (some will stretch it to 4-5!!) it takes much longer to remove. If I know it’s been on ages I give it a real good scratch with a coarse buffer to get rid of a bit more product and sometimes pop my heat lamp on...
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    Help with my hands!

    Are you allergic to the latex? After eleven years of nails mine broke out just the same only not on all fingers, but typically thumb index and middle on both hands. I wore gloves whenever I handled acetone which seemed to help. At night I used sudocrem and during the day would reapply Vaseline...
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    Eyebrow tint on table

    op did this work for you? Out of interest?
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    CND LED lamp won’t work, new lamp or new wire?

    Thank you I bought a new lead from S2 for £15 and it’s been working fine ever since!
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    Is this normal for a nail salon?

    I’m a bit short of time but ... Fungal infections are a contra- indication and are very contagious not to mention horrid for you! You should not be working on them at all. I would definitely be looking for another position or have you thought of working for yourself? x
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    Is this Onycholysis?

    It does look like it. The nail mustn’t be longer than the finger or each time it catches on something it will help detach a bit further down the nailbed.