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    Sticking the nail tip on to the training hand

    Try a little more pressure, and a little more time.
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    Acrylic first attempt

    I would advise wait for your course. There’s more to nails than banging out a shape. You need to learn about safety for yourself and the client, how to prep properly and build a nail that not only looks good with correct proportions but that will last - it’s relatively easy to “do” a nail but...
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    Lashes that don’t lift?

    If the lashes are coarse you can usually tell because you have trouble sticking them to the shield, because they keep springing up. With the system i use there is some flexibility with timing and with these lashes i usually leave them the maximum amount of time.
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    Trimming hair for waxing

    No I wouldn’t trim arm hair x
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    Nailtiques - where to buy?

    Thank you Noodle, I think I have an old account at Graftons
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    Which Shellac colours are these?

    I’d say the first is probably lavender lace underneath And the second asphalt x
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    Nailtiques - where to buy?

    A lady has asked me if I offer Nailtiques as a service for natural nails, as she has found it really good but has now moved area and looking for a new tech. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this so I’m thinking of adding it in but I can’t seem to find where to buy it from professionally apart...
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    Brow lamination?

    Bonkers these do look lovely Could they not just use a brow gel though?
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    Best brow lamination kits?

    Hi, I’m considering this ... how are you finding the treatment? Is there a lot of demand for it? And which kit did you decide to go with in the end? x
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    Needle-less fillers

    I’m waiting until I see (somewhere) before and after pics of this treatment .... not immediately after as a lot of it is swelling, but say six weeks after. If the results are there, I might be interest but atm all I see are straight after the treatment photo on Facebook with everyone commenting...
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    Lvl lash lift

    LVL is a brand. I’ve had it done and it’s identical to the lash lifts I’ve done since training using Lash Base, I’ve also used Salon Systems which is equally brilliant. I think if you follow the instructions they all work. Some brands like Elleebanna require shorter developing times but I have...
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    How to safely dispose of glue

    Silly question but given that a small spillage of nail glue can result in it heating up and even smoking, how do I dispose of a bottle of glue that has so much stuck round the top that the lid won’t do up? I can’t just tip it into the bin or onto paper. Unsure how to dispose, can anyone help? Thanks
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    Newbie looking for advice and chat

    Fab advice here and I don’t really have anything to add! Just wanted to say I retrained when my kids were small at the age of 37, built up my nail business and then after 12 years of just nails started to diversify with lash lifts and facials etc and now have a full service menu and am working...
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    Being asked for prize donations to raffles

    If it’s out of my immediate area I don’t do it. Basically if there isn’t a chance of the winner becoming a regular client I’m not interested in giving anything away. You have to be careful and look after your business because nobody else will. I have to say about 50% of vouchers given away are...