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  • Great thread about the chat up lines... I'm sitting here laughing like an ejeet!!
    Btw, where in Suffolk is your salon? I love visiting Orford when I get the chance to have a break. Lovely countryside in your neck of the woods. You lucky thing!
    Thanks so much for the rep Blue Rose!
    funny, I was chatting to a regular client today, who happened to mention that when she'd first started coming to the salon (2 years ago) 'you were really good and let me use my voucher even though it had gone out of date' . . . so case in point! then just read your comment this evening.
    Hope business is going well for you x
    haha yes we did but it just spurred me on! LOL I am going to be making my presence felt on the BGT thread LOL
    How much are you loving The Apprentice?? Not as good as xfactor though eh? we had such a laugh, remember us getting told off haha
    oooh, blimey, don't know what my link is. sorry.
    Ann ball, Newcastle.

    would that do it.

    thanks for the comments, I threw that together in 5 minutes!!!

    I am extremely busy at the moment, the training has just taken off like nothing I could have predicted.
    I know what you mean - have you read the secret? My last employer had done the seminar and we used this as managers to build the business. I have taken a beating mentally lately so mayb some fun is needed - my personal life is getting on my nerves at mo' so I need to change that first!
    Gr8 to hear your busy, this week looks better for me than last so I'm happy! Didnt get the book must have a browse on her site for that.
    I'm doing a few wedding fairs next month so getting ready for those and my Dad has a smiles clinic and is bringing me over teeth whitening to see how that goes........... Just have to keep my head above water and get to a year open.
    Hey Cogsi I wanted to know how the Rebecca Kepple CD's were working out - I'm really interested but not sure.........
    am trying to think of a reward system for myelf.
    I've set myself a goal of securing 4 trainings a month.
    If I do so I want to treat myself to something like a massage or a pamper.
    any suggestions.

    Yes, it must be hard running staff as they don't have the incentives as we do to bring clients in and ensure that they return.
    fine thanks Sarah.
    first proper day back today. did some work over holls, but back proper now.
    training is going well.
    Thank you ! They look great :) Has definetly given me an idea of how to lay it all out ! Thanks again xx
    Thanks for the rep. Let me know what you decide to wear. If you have any problems, give me a shout, could always send something to you. x
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