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  • Let me know if you don't have any joy and I'll help you out with a plaid hun, I could send you one down.

    Hope you enjoy CBB too, there are a right bunch in there already! :lol:
    Thanks for the rep hun, I hope that you find something to wear, I think that your dress sounds lovely xxx:hug:
    ooh I dunno! I can only watch tv on a Saturday night. I don't have it at home and only watch when I come into the radio station that my BF owns and he does his Saturday night House prog! They have tv at the station! There must be another reality tv thingy coming up soon?!
    Hi Sarah, I'm just a forum member at the moment as I can't afford the toolkit yet
    :( but I will do it as I definately think he is right in his approach!
    hi Sarah,
    yes, I got a slap on the hand for my avatar! so had to change it pronto.
    at the moment keeping my head down, got what I wanted out of HP which was to advertise my courses, I do pop in to the forum but its lost the appeal to me now and I haven't announced that I am back to the 'oldies', rather be on here and aab.

    the gerards training is going well, got 1 more day and topped off with my open evening tonight. lets just say, I can't wait until tomorrow when tis all over.
    hey Sarah,
    thanks for comments. am going to practise the choc massage/wrap and facial on thursday on a friend. any ways of promoting/wording?
    I've just been looking at your website and it is really good. :) Who designed it for you?
    Went to flamingoland for the day with Jackster and got sunburnt!
    No, haven't done the comp yet as waiting for things to settle back in.
    Jack's not back until 8th, so not been going into work as much.
    Today's going to be hard as I've got huge gaps between appointments ranging between 9.30 -8.30.
    Just went onto virgin mobile website & it was on the home page. Just re-read details & it says:
    Already with us?
    To switch to a Liberty SIM and keep your existing number, just call our team on 0845 6000 638. We'll get you up and running right away!

    You should be ok.

    Now, your uniform! What are the chances of you actually getting around to doing something with it?
    just signed up for that liberty thingy, but now worried that I'm not going to get to keep my number!
    How did you find out about this one as its just right up my street?
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