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  • Hi Sarah,
    looking forward to your insight later. Not got uniform sorted yet, but I'll sort summat out.

    busy writing courses at the moment, back in work on tuesday and can't wait for the schools to be back on 8th.
    Hello Ann,
    Yes thanks, not too bad all things considered with my so called 'friend'. I cancelled her pay check last Thurs & today she's realised it's not gone through. She thinks its bounced & has been trying to get hold of me today. She finally left a message & sounds all friendly as per usual wanting to have a catch up natter!!

    She's going to be in for a shock when she gets my letter asking for my money back. If she doesn't I will persue it through the small claims court. £1500 is too much dosh to let go.

    How are things with you anyway? Manage to sort your uniform out?
    Hi Sarah

    Well, we had our staff meeting. What a bundle of laughs that was. We have one great member of staff at the moment. She'd learnt how to do nails and waxing and is fabulous on reception and has initiative. We decided to promote her to assistant manager as if I'm in treatments, we need the girls to be able to take 'orders' from someone. Plus we trust her implicitly to look after the place if we weren't there for a day. It didn't go down too well at the staff meeting at all. The girl who caused us the most trouble was very jealous and thought she should have had the opportunity only working 6.5 hours a week! Anyway, long and short of it is, because of her attitude and because after 3 months of taking over we have the right to reinterview and get rid, she's gone. We thought it might give the other one a kick up the bum but it hasn't, so we're keeping an eye on that one as we go along.

    It's very difficult getting good, decent, reliable staff at the moment! And there's certainly a lack of level 3s out there too.

    Thanks so much for all of your advice. L-J x
    Hiya Sarah

    Keep seeing you around this website - I'm very new to this and a little scared of the technology!

    How's it going?

    Beauty Salon Marketing
    Thanks for all of your comments Cogsi
    It's very difficult when you take over a business. All therapists do what they were used to doing before and I'm the one who fails if the business fails, not them. I can't believe how difficult it is!
    Hello Ruth, only just read your message. Have checked my website and I've not had any problems with it loading.
    Have just checked your web site, but it appears to have been replaced with one of those cybersquatting search engine thingies... has it expired or something?
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