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  • thanks for the rep honey and i totally got your post. Some people and their opinions aye lol! Missing the point entirely i feel. As said i would be cross too and totally understandable. X x x
    Thank you for the rep.

    Also tried to pm you yesterday but mailbox was full. I too cannot believe some of the attitudes of the replies, they completely missed the point of your angst and then get all stroppy. I stepped away twice but had to come back as I couldn't believe what I was reading.

    Don't loose any more sleep over it, us pros knew where you were coming from.
    Thankyou for the rep :) dont take thing so to heart! i think the post went of on a bit of a tangent xx
    will answer properly later sorry so busy tanning ill get back to you, the stencils for the swar crystal tattoos last indefinately really, made from durable tough but plyable material, eventually the sticky layer on the back will dry up but you can just then attach them to a tray with masking tape. cheers lyn x
    tweezerhappy, boy .. he's 6 mths now, sorry never check this page!
    emma, thanks for that, think i know the trolley you mean is it from beauty boxes, have had my eye on it but out of stock at the mo :(
    Hi, I have a trolley that has 2 lockable drawers one at the top & one at the bottom with a shelf in the middle, it has a mag lamp holder which would of been perfect for the Minx black lamp if it had different heads, anyway after loads of playing around the only way I have found to attach my lamp is to open my top drawer, move everything over to the other side & clamp the lamp in the drawer onto the top of the trolley! Bit of a kypton factor but I get there in the end, just a bit fiddly that way & cant keep in on the trolley all the time, but it is the only way I have found that it works - hope that makes sense x
    Hiya, I was just wondering if you received my PM the other day about make-up training? I can re-send if not. Sarah x
    hey you just sent you a pm but computer logged me out at the same time if you didnt get it let me know and i will send it again xx
    hi just reading a post of yours, where do you get your transfer tats from, i use glitter tats but would like to use transfer tats too i will keep looking at your post as i would like to know too where you gems for face etc. thanks jan
    Hi Blush09 not heard from you in a long time. Did you get the dvd I hope you did. When you have got chance put a couple of photo's on here, luv to see your masterpiece. Just corn row every day. The more you do it the better and neater you get. Janice Xxxxx
    I hope you got my message, if you want that dvd pm me your address and i will pop it in the post today before i go to my boring job. I have to be their for 11.45 so contact me asap. Janice Xxxx
    hi take a look at our site for supplies we ship free and quickly and should have everything you are after and sale is on now!!!

    Hiya, wanted to send you a pm but unable to do so as it says your box is full! Can you let me know when it is ok to send again and I'll do that.
    Regards, Angie.
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