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  • Hiya hun hows you? Just reading you do body scrubs etc, I was just wondering I do facials & My Client has asked me to just scrub her back, and moisturise, I am ok to do this, bit like a pedicure hehehe
    I just noticed your room to rent and that you would consider someone doing botox, fillers and teeth whitening. I have a company come in when someone wants something done. I'm in East Lothian but I'm sure they work in Glasgow too if you would like the info. x x
    Can't believe she isn't keen I would do it myself then xxx Great idea about 1/2 day Tue/WEd they can both be quiet days but my late nights fill 3/4 weeks ahead normally xxxx
    thanks I am located in clydebank xx don't worry too much business will build up August tends to be quieter with clients paying for school uniforms etc. I always found saturdays a feast or a famine since I changed to 1/2 days I am normally fully booked lol and I do 2 late nights and considering a 3rd on a Friday night so you might want to give that some thought xxx I don't do a great deal of special offers but would seriously look at getting Shellac/Gelish in your salon as this has really increased business for me. at the moment particularly Gelish because of it's huge colour range my clients are nuts for it xxx hth's
    Just been looking at your fab pictures of the salon, its really lovely, you have done really well! I wish you all the luck in the world and hope your business is really taking off for you. I just have to ask, where did you get that beautiful mirrored console table? Its gorgeous, and I've got just the place for one! Anyway, good luck for the future!
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