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  • Awww thanks, only one I could find where I'm not hiding behind my hair or sunglasses lol :)
    hi bo :) things are going amazing !! my own nails are lasting 4 weeks with no breaks or chips,they all last till i buff them of =) and my clients(friends and fam ) have all lasted 2 weeks +, which i was NEVER getting before!! still taking things slow, not advitising yet,but im so close =) just got to learn how to do glitter next =) thanks for all your help, it has helped me AMAZINGLY =)
    :eek: Holy crap! We never did anything like that s**t right there. The most I did was two dragon nail tips piggy backed on top of each other. That's just plain un-hygienic, Boo.
    Ha! I'm gonna check it out. My nail school was latina. We did nails like that all day long. I'm gonna find that video and take a stroll down memory lane.
    Never been much for the blond hair/blue eyed/all-American boy. Give me a piece of "dark chocolate," girl. And I like 'em thick, too. A woman needs something to hold on to. You know what I'm talkin' about. :wink2:
    Gurl, you like men of color, too? I 'em tall, dark and handsome! I was married for 30 years to a man who was half black/half cuban. Needless to say, my son is a stunner. :wink2:
    That's very kind of you, thanks so much. That's pretty much all I'm good at right now, just learning the enhancements side of things and I suck big time! xxx
    Small world! I've managed sports bars, bar tended, booked bands, broke up fights. Now I'm content with a calmer restaurant. I tried to get out of the bar business and went to school to do nails but had an allergy to l&p and carpel tunnel. So gave it up for the fast money. Now 15 yrs later I'm back part time with my true passion for nails.
    I used to be a night club manager lol so maybe that's why I think similar :) I'm now working in a school part time which I love and nails the rest of the time, sounds a odd mix but goes very well together. X
    Hi, yes she makes me smile, she is running solar ahead of herself wanting to do so much, I remember doing exactly the same lol, nails get into your blood and you get hooked :) and thank you I'm glad you like them, also thanks for the friends request xx
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