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  • Thanks for the like... I book Fridays off to sit with 8-10 senior ladies and men at moms complex to have tea, soak their feet and do a pedi and clip the men like the foot massage too and the ladies with the polish I am there from 7 am through 5 pm every Friday and they give a donation I never ask for certain price its my way to give back to them.
    hehe its a great video, I think there's so many of us on here that's like that, including me :)
    Thanks Bo. Girls rule no matter what their age. What is age? Experience.
    D0X8 New Eyeshadow Mineral Shimmer Powder Makeup Pigment Beauty 24 Colors Hot | eBay
    bought these the other day. Thought id show you after you said about eyeshadows. Im well chuffed with them and they produce great effects.Dont know if they are the same sort of thing as cnd additives but i assume they are lol x
    you're welcome, i use and love young nails too hoping to do a webinar with them (US) towards the end of november so excited
    Hi Bo, Im not exactly sure if this will never replied to a visitor message!
    Thanks for the the advice Bo, luckily I dont have it on my hands but will have a wee read tonight - thanks again :)
    Sorry, I thought you were new to the site and there's me telling you where the settings tab is :lol:... most newbies haven't a clue what it is... sorry about that! :lol:
    A fellow American! Let's take over Salon Geek...Divide and Conquer! Nah....I actually really like some of these old cows. :0) They're like family. My name is Tammie. Nice to meet you, Bo.
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