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    What are the best companies to buy glitters from?

    Artsy Fartsy Crafts Home Great selection and great pricing. Located in your state, too!
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    Konad-all you need to know and your favourite pics!

    Please post a link to your video, TheRealMrsGrey. I would live to try the inverted stamping. Thanks!
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    Running out of CND Sizzling Sand additive!

    Geláze Fairy Dust is a dupe in gel polish.
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    Hang in there

    We love what we do! Fug rife!
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    A lot of white marks on nails

    IBX should help with nail damage from aggressive removal.
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    Feeling like my job is being stolen!

    There's nothing wrong with a bit of a whine, it helps us work things out. It's best to embrace this. You needed help, the owner gave you help. Work it to your advantage. You will more successful as a manager not having to do mundane tasks. You will be more powerful as a manager NOT doing...
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    Feeling like my job is being stolen!

    I say work with it! Train the daughter to be the best receptionist ever. I've managed restaurants for years and a great manager will deligate duties while always following up. Don't feel threatened, it is a sign of weakness. This frees you up to manage the stock, oversee other techs, do...
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    In an ideal world, what's the future of Shellac?

    I would love peach colors, a light and a bright. Holographic and duochromes. A milk chocolate brown.
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    Skin tones and nails

    Ask your clients which color they get the most compliments on when they were it. Ask their favorite color. Then determine if it's warm or cool. Put a blue red and a orange red next to their skin to see which looks best. There are more cool people than warm.
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    Glitter addicts are us

    I love these! What did you use?
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    Shellac Paradise collection?

    Would you please post a picture of the two yellows together for comparison? Thanks
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    Advice needed: should I refund a nail biter?

    Until you are comfortable with nail biters, just sculpt a nail in pink cover powder only. Then use Shellac or gel polish to paint on the French if they so desire. Save the reverse method when you have more nail to work with.
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    Being a boss and running your own business

    Why not take some management and business courses. Education in all aspects will better you. Maybe open a home salon or booth rent where you are in charge of just yourself?
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    How to create zig zag chevron nails with Shellac?

    Vivid Lacquer VL010 stamping plate.
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    CND Additives vs Mica?

    I use both with equal results. You can buy sample sizes very reasonable at Coastsl Scents Coastal Scents: Search results for: 'Mica'